The Joys of STUMBLEupon

Happy Tuesday Lovers
Wanted to share with you a couple of pics I found while stumbling that brought me joy
p.s. I am like TOTALLY addicted to stumbleupon now.
I heard people talk about it but didn't really investigate it, then my friend Chido broke it down for me and I was convinced to check it out.
Hooootttt damn, I'm glad I did. (though I am losing hours of my life stumbling O_o)
anyways enjoy!

love the tribal print

love the necklace

I'm all about details.

love this outfit


BlogsHearted Page UPdates

Hey Lovers

I have updated the blog's hearted page.
I have grouped the blogs I love based on what I get from them. 
The groups are
fashion inspiration
african fashionistas
well dressed men
hair inspiration
my closest friends
curvy fashionistas
design & D.I.Y inspiration
halifax fashion
zimbabwean bloggers

enjoy discovering them

Store UPdates

Hey Lovers

I've made a few updates to the store. 
There are currently 4 purses in there right now. Here is a pic of what's in there right now
click here to go to the store 

since you can only see 1 pic on the actual store page, I have added more views of the products on the blog's store page so that you can see more. 

happy shopping

p.s. flat rate shipping of $10, combined shipping is $15


YESTERday and TOday

Hey Lovers,

Here are a few pics of what I wore yesterday and today.
Today I had to do some research in les vintage stores as I'm trying to find a look for this gorgeous lady, who is part of a local band that has an album launch coming up.
I must confess, I found a piece that made me pee a little...LOLOL..
It was TO. DIE. FOR!
Hope she approves of it, only then can I show you how it looks on her on the night.


YESTERdays outfit.
thrifted skirt, scarf, purse, belt, earrings / payless peep toe wedges / old navy top

TOday's outfit
selfmade skirt / old navy top / thrifted blazer, earrings / payless peep toe wedges

discovered the dress that this print belongs to, tucked away in my closet.  I have never worn it, hope to soon

Clutch mini - shoot candids

Hey Lovers, 

Came across a few pics I'd forgotten about of Gloria and I fooling around while taking some new pics for my clutch culture website.


Color(ing) MYself HAPPY

Hey Lovers,

One of the things that inspires me the most is coming across people that are SO transparently true to themselves. 
I love people who express themselves through their style without an ounce of insecurity to be found. 
I came across this British Singer, Ebony Bones, who truly blew me away.  
Her fashion sense is really out there and colorful (you know how much i L.O.V.E color and mixing weird things together).
i literally D.I.E for each one of these pics!!!
without further delay I give you Ebony Bones


sidenote: (sorry for the delay, but uhmm i'm downloading her album, i'm curious to hear what her creative process sounds like)
eeekkk sidenote 2: whacha think about the new banner. i happen to LOOOVEEEE it!!!

 check out how she dresses her band. FAANNTAASTIICC.. i love it ALLLL

Preview of Dark Girls Documentary

Hey Lovers,

Thought I'd share this.
It's been going around for the past couple of days. 
This will be a POWERFUL documentary, I can't wait to watch it in full.


YAYNESS!!!!! 20,000 Views

Hey Lovers,

YAY for celebrating another milestone!!
20,000 views wooot wooot! 
check out my video 
still giggly but getting better at it.... i think...lol.

Congrats to Vivi, owner of the blog Heart, Print & Style for winning this milestone's giveaway.
will be in touch soon mama <3

I am so grateful for ALL of you.


Curvy Geekery Store !!!!

Hey Lovers,

So I have finally found the best option for me to sell some of the vintage goodies that I have. 
I've just put one thing in there for now, but more to come!!!

Check out the store at



currently in the store

Ruts are E.V.I.L

Hey Lovers.

Please forgive me for the erratic blogging in the last month.  I've been in a MAJOR major major rut.
I've lacked motivation, creativity was no where to be found and it has just been pitiful.
Soooooo, I think I'm tired of being in that rut and it's time to pick myself up and bruce lee that rut right in the back.
I decided to look at my fav curvy girls out there and get some inspiration from them.
Check out what has given me a little push.

p.s. you might see a few color changes on the blog. I find change helps reduce ruts..giggles

the lovely Gabi of Young, Fat & Fabulous [source]

the fabulous Christine from LoveBrownSugar [source]
p.s. I'm sooo gonna try this. wearing a scarf as a top :) 

the uber cute Lydia of Style is Style [source]

gorgeous stephanie of Le Blog de Big Beauty [source]

 darling Vivi of Heart, Print & Style [source]


Le Outfit

Hey Lovers,

Trust you are having a great weekend. 
Just wanted to do a quick outfit post of what I wore yesterday to a friend's graduation get together. 
So yeah, I know I have been abusing this belt, but can you blame me? LOL 

gros bisous


Torrid dress / thrifted blazer, earrings, glasses, purse / Suzy Shier ring


friends ReCONnected

Hey Lovers
Hope you had an amazing Tuesday. 
We finally got some sun today. I kid you not it's been raining since easter in Halifax. blaahhhh
Met up with a friend, Chido, who's visiting Halifax and we got to hang, talk, eat and ended up watching the movie Bridesmaids.
Hi. LA. rious!!!!!!! I LOVEEeeedd IT!!!!
Here are some pics from the day

p.s my hair is a little shorter, I trimmed it last night. Actually I almost cut it all off. I had a moment of frustration y'all..LOL

What I wore
thrifted earrings, shoes, purse, belt and rings / Top my mom bought for me in South Africa / skirt was a dress I converted into a skirt
I left these glasses at my bus stop :( . Best believe if I see someone wearing em,  I will approach em. I am SO mad at myself ..lol

What we ate

yummy baby octopus, my most FAVORITE thing. 


20,000 Views GIVEaway!!!!

Hey Lovers
Can't believe I'm almost at 20,000 views. 
Just 3 weeks ago I was celebrating 10,000 views.  It took me 4 months to make it to my first 10,000 and now just 3 weeks after I'm about to make it to another 10,000. 
Wow lovers, cyber hi5ing and sports-guy-shoulder-bumping each one of y'all.
Thank you for checking out my blog. I am truly grateful for your comments and words of encouragement.
To celebrate 20,000 views I will be giving away a vintage purse that I have. 
Same as the last giveaway
1. You have to be an official follower (right hand side click follow)
2. send me a quick email with your name, location and username that shows on your avatar
e.g. Mo H. Canada, Curvy Geekery 
email to clutchculture@gmail.com

I will annouce the winner when I hit 20,000
Right now I'm just over 18,000
to keep track scroll all the way down to the end of this page.

It's a curvy revolution divas!!



Hey Lovers

I'm such a proud mama.
My baby Clutch Culture turned 1. Ahhh they grow up so fast!
I am so happy that I survived my first year.
I set out to learn about the industry and to see what I was capable of, to put myself out there and to simply step out of my comfort zone. BOY!!! this past year has been something else. I've had MANY downs but the ups have been SOO sweet. I've made many friends and did things I never would have imagined doing in my first year.  I am so glad God trusted me with some talent.  For all those that have helped and supported me along the way I am beyond grateful for you.  To the beautiful girls that have modeled for me, I am humbled by the trust you had in me.
I do have to name one of my dearest friends Paul Green for creating my amazing website and for being a great friend to me. 

Currently the website is being revamped: you know me, I need change in my surroundings.
Also, I will be starting some photo shoots soon and trying to push myself.  I'm constantly trying to better myself and think of ideas to see the extent of my creativity.  
Stay tuned for more great stuff!

Gorgeous Purses. Awe-inspiring prints & colors.

ps. mom, I made through my first year!!!!!!! :)

makeup/styling/photography - Mo Handahu 


The DoVE that FLY(ies) high in the SKY - ASA

Hey Lovers
Haven't done a Muse(ic) Mondays entry in a while...so here goes
For the past 2 weeks I have had Asa's self-titled album on REPEAT.
I'm pretty sure that the album has started giving me the side eye each time I press play. 
I just can't help it, there is nothing like going back to an album you hadn't listened to in a while. It almost feels like I am re-discovering the sweet goodness of the music.
I have other music of hers but for some reason I can't stop playing this one.
Check out some of my fav pics of Asa and some of my fav songs from the album. 

Love, Beats & Pure Art

1. Jailer
This is my MOST fav song on the album

2. Eye Adaba
I had no idea what this song, sung in Yoruba, meant when I first listened to it.  Regardless it took my soul to an unknown place. When I found out what it mean.. I understood why :)
click [here] to find out the meaning BUT FIRST listen to the song

3. Bibanke
Asa explains what it means :)