The strengTH of the CURVe,

Last year, V Magazine did an article on plus size models.  Check the article here



Totally geeky MuSe(ic) Monday.

This week's Muse is none other than Nina Simone.  When I go through all the Nina Simone albums I have, I literally experience all kinds of emotion.  Her songs are filled with the words that a strong black woman needs to empower hemself. Her sultry voice, the tone of her skin, the confidence that oozes out of her when she plays the piano, her gorgeous hair, and the way she carried herself make for one uber SUPERWOMAN! 

She's was one bad mama jama!!!
I Salute you Nina Simone, for not only singing the illest rendition of my most favorite song in the whole world, but for inspiring me and showing me what real music is through out the 40 albums that you made  AND being the music behind my mom and I's MANY jam sessions and road trips.  You truly are the "High Priestess of Soul"

Here are other Nina Simone songs, i truly LOVE them ALL but will only put another 2 up. There are just wayyyyyy to many favorites. *bliss*   *running in a field of daisies*

the journey continues: The Sonsy Excursion pART 3.

the sonsy excursion continues with part 3 of the series.

Model: the lovely Deepashri
Makeup/Styling/Photography: Mo Handahu

Dress, Earrings, Scarf on Wrist- Thrifted
Shoes - Model's Own
Leggings, Beret, Scarf - Ardenes 


P.S. here is our attempt at doing one of those running for the train shots..LOL


CONTEST: What Being Curvy Has Taught Me

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3. Write a few lines letting me know what you have learned from being curvy.

4. Find the fiercest pic of yourself.

5. Hi5 yourself & send it all to clutchculture@gmail.com.  Subject Line should read:
First Name and Last Initial. Give yourself a nickname(fun!!!) Curvy Geekery Contest 1

e.g. Mo H .- The Thickness (giggles) - Curvy Geekery Contest 1

6. All entries must be received by Friday February 4th, 2011 at 11:59pm.  Winner will be announced on Saturday February 5th, 2011

SIDENOTE:  I acknowledge that I have followers who are not in Halifax, fear not, I will have other contests that will be open to everyone. 


Quick Post: Wise Words.

I'm just editing some pics from a shoot I did back in the summer with my girl Mana, and came across some shots that we took while on our way to the shoot.  I had also found a beauty quote that I liked and thought I'd share it.  Much MORE stuff to be posted as the day progresses. Happy Sunday Geekyloves!

and the rest....

Wha.T being Curvy has taught ME.

You know, when I think back to a few years ago, I realize how much time I wasted worrying about my body.  I remember spending time standing in front of the mirror analyzing each stretch mark, from one end of a love handle to another, and letting out huge sighs of frustration.  There were times when I couldn't see anything positive about my whole body, times when I wore baggy sweats and avoided jeans for months.  Shopping was such a traumatizing experience that I would get back home and just feel so demoralized.  Now that I look back to that person, I can honestly say that I felt that way because I didn't truly know who I was and had little to no self love. 

Thankfully, in 2008 I began to come out of this shell.  I began to talk to myself in front of the mirror and give myself positive affirmations that I would dwell on for the day.  I had friends that saw something more in me than I did and always made sure I knew this of myself.  I met a guy who taught me that it's OK to want to work towards being healthier but while you are curvy you have to embrace and love yourself.  Slowly I began to embrace the curve and instead of using negative terms to describe myself, I started using terms like Precious, Thick, and Curvy and honeyyyy a diva was born...HAHAHA...

One of my biggest lessons was realizing how being curvy opened up this whole new area of creativity for me because I had to improvise on what I wore, work with a limited supply of plus size trendy clothes in Halifax and being the type of person that likes to stand out.  It has liberated me to be more than I could have ever imagined when I was younger.  The best thing about being comfortable in my skin is that I am now on a mission to help other young ladies feel the same.  I hope that by what I do on this blog and who I am helps others to break out of the mold of being in the background in pictures (i was uber guilty of this), to walk tall, exude style at any size and embrace the curve. 

I did this mini shoot with my friend Monty,  I hardly do any shoots of myself, but I'm getting better at it. IT'S A CURVY REVOLUTION DIVASSSS!!!!



The Birdy CLUtch

I did a shoot a few months back in the fall.  It was such a chilly day and the sun couldn't make up its mind on whether it wanted to show up or not.  My girl Mana and I got together to do a shoot and I invited a good friend of mine, Monty, who is dabbling in photography as well, for a creative day.
We had a ball, the day was filled with huge goosebumps, wind enslaved hair, gorgeous skies and plenty laughs. While editing the pics I decided to go with an oldish but still colorful effect by giving the background a boost of yellow.. Perhaps I'm just yearning for summer to get here already. Gosh, the last two days have been brutally cold.  Hope you enjoy these pics as much as I do :) 

Model - Mana G.
Makeup/Styling/Photography - Mo Handahu
Photography - Montwedi Sebina (Omari Photography)


Here is a closer look of the clutch used in this shoot. If you are interested in getting it, click here to be directed to the store.


MagicALLY Cool MuSe(ic) Monday.

This week's Muse is Solange.  Her album Sol'Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams was filled with heaps of  awesomeness.  I love all the music on that album but my favorites being
1. T.O.N.Y ...such a dope song and the way the lyrics just flowed was butter.
2. Cosmic Journey feat. Bilal was such an exciting flow, made me feel like I was running in a field of daisies.
3. This Bird... harmonies were yummy.. the song was empowering. "imma keep on rolling"
4. Champagnechroniknight-Cap ... should I say more? ;)

I salute you, Solange, for being a muse to me:)

Dear Solange
It's about time dammit! eagerly awaiting the new album.
signed, Your biggest fan

Check out some vids below.

Spring/Summer 2011 Trends

If you don't already check out ASOS on a regular basis or receive their regular emails, check below for ASOS' trend guide for spring/summer 2011.  Can't wait to try them all in my personal style and my photo shoots as well.  If I had to choose what I'm more excited about, it would be the New Lengths, Maximalism and Botanical Prints :)


Natural H.air

So I've been DYING for a new hairdo for a really long time now.  I'm about a year and 8 months into my natural hair journey, did the big chop May of 2009.  It was my second big chop, the first didn't go so well because I honestly didn't do my research about taking care of my natural hair so it was nappy as heck.  So the second time around I did read up on it and made myself aware of some of the  natural hair gurus on the internet right now.  So this time around it is going much better, though I think my hair growth has been stunted by the stress I experienced in 2010 and my not being able to handle it as much as I'd like.

So while browsing around I came across some pictures of GORGEOUS natural ladies.  I think I found what I'm going to get done so look out for a post on that. 





For anyone needing tips on ways to transition to natural hair, motivation to love your tiny afro, ways to figure out the right regimen, hairstyles for different natural hair lengths etc, check out some of these sites that I am utterly addicted to.

Happy to be Nappy

The Mop Top Maven
Leave In The Kinks
Kim Love's Youtube Channel
Naptural85 Youtube Channel

Hairlista Website
Motown Girl 
BlackOnyx Youtube Channel

Sidenote # 2 :
As requested here is a list of the products that I use and have worked for me.

1. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil
2. Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil
3. Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise
4. Unrefined African Shea Butter (my favorite)
5. Naturelle Hemp Hydrating Conditioner (my other favorite)
6. Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment
7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
8. Eggs
9. Honey
10. L.O.V.E


That forGOTten Afro Print Skirt

So I had this skirt that I made for myself but never ended up wearing for some reason. In one of my very random moods I felt like doing something very safari inspired a few months ago... not the usual khaki's and explorer hat ..lol.. but with earthy tones, heels and a vintage camera bag. So with a little bit of tweaking here and there so that the skirt fit my dear friend Cyn, who volunteered to be my model, we were set to go. Now, I don't know who would go to a safari dressed like this, but if I did see someone in this, I'd hi5 her :) ..I'm just saying... If the need arises and I need to run for dear life, I need my sneakers and some shorts..lol


I (heart) nerdy glasses

gotta love the wind taking that scarf away :)