My 21 day FAST

Hey Lover,

The past 21 days I have doing a spiritual fast called  the Daniel Fast.  The Daniel Fast is derived from the book of Daniel in the Bible. Daniel 10: 2,3 "In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks.  I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled"

Late November, I started playing around with the idea that I would do it for the first 21 days of the year to start my year off right!  A couple of days before the new year my mom surprised my brother and I and that derailed my plan as I HAD to enjoy my mom's cooking.  I vowed I would start the day she left.

The past 21 days have been filled with the discovery of strength and self-control I never knew I had.

Here is a list of some moments that stood out + pics of the food that I ate during the fast.

1. discovering almonds - I used to hate almonds, but I LOVE them now!
2. for those sugar cravings and for when I ate cereal I used raisins.
3. went for wings with my friends and I ordered the veggie burger, to only eat the patty and lettuce and give the bun and fries to my amigo.
4. realizing that I was so concerned about the food that I didn't pray and meditate as much as I had hoped to.
5. my mom deciding to do the fast with me, she finishes tomorrow.
6. felt a sense of obedience within myself.
7. seeing my body start to change, noticing that I began to sleep better and feel lighter.
8. my friends and brother cheering me on.
9. not feeling like I would immediately attack and chow down on a drumstick the second my fast ended and thinking of perhaps making this a lifestyle with a few tweaks.
10. wrapping my head around the fact that I haven't had sugar or any sort of meat in 21 days!!!

oh and being UTTERLY proud of myself!!!!

have you ever done or thought of doing the Daniel fast? let me know about it!


Fresh Prints

Hey Lover,

After a great creativity filled Saturday, I was still in the mood for prints.
I went out with my boys and danced the night away to some old school jams.
Check out what I wore.



For the LOVE of PRINTS

Hey Lover,

Today was a creativity filled Saturday! I haven't had one of those in a WHILE!
I helped a darling friend breathe life into her blog. We met up for a little make-up and hairstyling, then rode the bus to the waterfront (in this winter) to take a few shots. Her blog is ALL about prints, she is just as obsessed as I am about prints. It would mean a lot to me if you would show her some love!
Click --> For The Love of Prints

Check out pics from the prep and the final result!.... How Gorgeous is She!!




makeup/hairstyling/photography/banner - little ol' me :)


Le Nouveau (interim) Banner

Hey Lover,

I'm still waiting for my images from the shoot I did to change my banner and since I have been DYING to change the banner, I have decided to have an interim banner *points up*.
Hope you like it,


photo credit - Ibimina Koko

An Inspired Night

Hey Lover,

Last Night I had the honor of attending the Halifax Chamber Business Awards.  The Black Business Initiative graciously invited me as their guest to the prestigious event.  The room was electric with business minds and inspiring stories of success and perseverance.  One of the highlights of my night was while I was thanking the CEO of the Black Business Initiative for inviting me.  He responded by saying that it was a pleasure doing so because he wanted me to experience it as he believed that in the future I would be one of the people being honored.  I was SO humbled by those words and I will forever cherish them.  It is so wonderful to have the support of such an influential organization and I am very grateful for it.

Another moment I remember very well was my dear friend Sarah, who owns I Heart Bikes, standing on stage with the finalists for the awards.  I was so happy that she won the Bronze Award for New Business of the Year! Congrats Lover!!!

Check out pictures of what I wore + the yummy food + me and Sarah and her award


p.s. I LOVEEE this dress. It fits me like a glove!!

REVIEW: Mrs. Parliament's Night Out

Hey Lover,

On Wednesday I got the chance to see Mrs. Parliament's Night Out.  I was very excited when Neptune Theatre sent me an email to invite me to see a performance of the play.  After reading the synopsis of the play I was a little intrigued and wanted to see how it would turn out.  They offered me 2 tickets and I decided to do a quick contest and take one of my followers with me.

We arrived at Neptune Theatre and picked up our tickets for some sweet seats on the Balcony.

We made our way upstairs to be able to get to our seats and we were greeted by this spread of food.

Afterwards we went in to take our seats and the show began.  The play ran for 2 hours plus a 20 minute intermission.  The actors were INCREDIBLE.  They managed to captivate the audience with their portrayal of relatable characters.  Almost all the actors played multiple roles and I must say it was with perfect seclusion that each actor transformed into a different role through costume change and morphing into a new persona.  The play was very well written; kudos to the playwright for writing such a witty story that made the audience collectively roar with laughter, sympathize with and root for Mrs Parliament, want to kick Mr Parliament in the shins and share a piece of apple crisp at the diner with the lovable old chaps, ALL at the same time. The play was, all in all, a well oiled machine.  All the scenes of the play flowed into the next with such ease. This indeed was a 2 and a half hours well spent.  

For ticket information visit Neptune Theatre's page for Mrs. Parliament's Night Out.  The play runs until February 19, 2012.  I hope you go out to support the arts at a well established Halifax business and if you do I would love to hear from you!

Below are a few pictures from the play. 


Dot Dot Dot

Hey Lover,

On Wednesday I went to the Theatre dahhhhlingggg..
Check out what I wore + my dear friend Tosan passed by before I left and she happened to be wearing a red blazer too *twinzies*..LOL..we had to take a quick pic + the winner of the contest was Imanga, she was my date to the theatre :)


A little Velvet A little Sheer

Hey Lover,

On Friday some of my girls came by me for some catching up and vino.
Afterwards, we went to a party and danced the night away.
Watch out now! Mo is showing a little skin..LOL.. I wore a sheer top, a velvet skirt and a fantastic blazer.
Check out the pics of what I wore + me and my girls


Ugly Shirts Need Love Too

Hey Lover,

I went to a party Saturday night and decided to be on my artsy steeze..LOL
I had this ugly shirt that I thrifted for $2.99.  I saw, I said "eww" and knew I had to have it!!! LOL
I threw on a skinny grey leather tie, some blue pants, burgundy men's shoes and called it a night.
This is definitely one of my out-there-ish outfits, but I kinda dig it!
Check out the outfit below + A few familiar faces and stylish lovers I saw.


Trying Something New.........January

Hey Lover,

On Sunday, I went to a Halifax Rainmen basketball game with my girl Shariena.

We had a great time and afterwards met up with the best amigo Kwame and grabbed something to eat.

Mongolie Grill is the place for this month's TRY SOMETHING NEW.  I have passed by it SO many times but never been there before.  The concept is pretty cool.  You get a bowl and you pick all the ingredients you want from 20 garden fresh veggies, meats, poultry, seafood and 18 homemade sauces and they grill it for you. The waiter brings rice and mu shu wraps and your choice of soup to complete the meal.

My choices were tonnes of mushrooms, green peppers, peanuts, onions, bean sprouts, baby corn and yummy peanut sauce.

Kwame had this

Shariena had this.

and ended the night by opening up my fortune cookie and believing that the cookie was on to something..LOL

OH BY THE WAY..lol... This is what I wore.

So go check out Mongolie Grill.  Their website is here and they are located at 1645 Granville Street, Halifax


Hey Lover,

I just got an invite from Neptune Theatre to be their guest at a performance of Mrs Parliament's Night Out.
They have invited me and a guest and I have decided to extend an invite to one of my Halifax lovers.
This will be a quick contest as the performance is on Wednesday, January 25th at 8pm.
So if you would like to be my guest and hang out with me please send an email with your name to
clutchculture@gmail.com.  Subject Line: Neptune Theatre Contest.
I know it's short notice but hopefully someone will want to hang with me. I am FUN, I promise.. (ask my mom)..LOLOL..

So if you are interested, send in your name by Tuesday, January 24th at 5pm!


FeatUREs - Se Chic Afrique and April Michelle

Hey Lover,

Starting off a series of posts, that are coming today, with 2 features done on Clutch Culture & Curvy Geekery.

The first is by Se Chic Afrique, a blog based in New York. Click the image below to check out the interview.

The second is by April Michelle, a blog based in Halifax.  Click the image below to check out the feature.

Thanx to Sekai and April for showing me love.
Look out today as I have SO much to catch you up on from the weekend.



Sneak Peek of New Banner Shoot

Hey Lover, 

Hope you are having an awesome Friday.  
It's been a good day for me and I thought I'd share one of the pics that I have from the shoot I did for a new blog banner.  I am still waiting for the pictures from the photographer but here is a preview of what's to come! 
Sending all my fellow Halifax lovers a lot of positive vibes.  
We got another big snowfall today and everyone who is commuting from work seems to be stuck in some really messed up traffic.  

Anyways, here is the sneak peek. 


                         photo credit : Ibimina Koko


A Romper in Winter

Hey Lover, 

I must have been REALLY over winter, today, for me to wear a leg showing romper. 
I can honestly say that my wardrobe is not equipped for the type of winters that we get here in Halifax.
I believe it's somewhat intentional, perhaps my own little way of sticking it to the man: and by man I mean the winter. 
I wore this romper and threw on an over sized men's denim shirt when I met up with my friend Mana for some much needed girl chitchat and catchup. 
Check it out.


THRIFTED: romper, men's denim shirt, shoes, scarf and earrings
THE BAY: ring


The Beauty of the Ugly Sweater

Hey Lover, 

Just wanted to do an outfit catchup. 
Last Saturday I went to a basketball game avec my best amigo Kwame.
Our home team, the Halifax Rainmen, played an amazing game. 
I have missed out on a lot of games. I LOVE basketball and don't know why it took 
me so long to watch a game.  I wore something casual and comfortable.
I can't WAIT to watch another game. If you are in Halifax, go out and support our team!!!

Anyways, check out the outfit. 


THRIFTED - sweater, earrrings, jacket
WALMART - jeans
WINNERS - boots



Orange Flowers

Hey Lover,

On Saturday I went to a friend's birthday shindig.
Check out pics of what I wore + Yana (a gorgeous girl who recognized me because she follows the blog *waves* hie Yana!!! thanx for following my blog <3)

Also the blog will be changing a bit this week. I took some pics this past weekend for a new banner and the few I have received so far are awesome!! It's gonna be hard for me to choose the one for the banner. Will also share my fave ones soon. 



Woman vs Snow

Hey Lover, 

Yesterday, a friend from out of town came into the city to have me do her hair. 
After we were done, she wanted to pass by a thrift store before she left. 
So being the nice person that I am (pffff) I showed her one of the Salvation Army Stores.
I had NO intention of getting a.ny.thing but lo and behold I come across the BADDEST blazer for $10.99
I vow to myself that I am walking out with just that until I get to the counter and the very animated lady tells me they are having a "any 5 items of clothing for $15" sale... 
uhhhhhmmmm 180degree turn and I'm fishing for 4 other items.
I was super proud of myself till my happy self walked out and realized there was a snow storm out there.
Halifax weather is THAT unpredictable, you walk into the store with nothing on the ground and when you walk out BAM snow storm.
It was FREEZING and the snow hitting my face felt like little tiny slaps that hurt #sodonewithwinter.
Check out pics of my friends and I braving the snow + what I bought for fiiiiiiffteeeeen dollars + another bunch of thrifted gatherings that I bought with a gift certificate to a thrift store a friend gave me. 

p.s  gift certificates to thrift stores are AWESOME!