Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Lovebirds, 

My girls, Helena, Shariena and I decided to channel our inner 90's divas - Salt n Pepa.
We kinda left the costume gathering till the last minute so we couldn't find the jackets we wanted. 
We ended up settling for putting together a decent 90's inspired look. 
I made the hats which tied our looks together.
I also kinda felt like I was channelling Queen Latifah in House Party 2 :) 
We had fun repping the 90s which all three of us are crazy about. 
What did/are you dressing up as?? send me pictures at clutchculture@gmail.com
If I get a good amount I will post em on the blog :) 


just for chuckles I had to share what the light of my life aka my brother Ten decided to wear.
Yes, he is showing his gangsta swag
Yes, he has a toothbrush by his ear in case someone scuffs his tims
and *dying with laughter* YES, he is holding a teddy bear.
When I asked him what the teddy bear was for he said
"In case I fall asleep".. *DEAD* ... he is SO comical I tell you..

Clutch Clearance Sale

Hey Lovers, 

As some of you have noticed my store on the clutch culture website is closed. 
I have started making the new collection. YAY!
I have some clutches that are from past collections which need homes, so I'm doing a sale from my blog. 
1. ALL clutches are $20 unless otherwise stated. You will find a couple that are $30. These are from a mini collection I did as an ode to color blocking. 
2. Shipping costs are obviously dependant on location, however roughly 
Canada is $12
United States $15
United Kingdom $17
Halifax $free.99 lol.. you can come by and pick it up :) 
3.  If you are interested in a clutch please email me at clutchculture@gmail.com
*** please state what number clutch(es) you want. 
*** where you are?
*** most convenient way for you to pay for it  ( I'm pretty flexible email transfer, moneygram, western union etc)
4.  First come first served

happy shopping!!!!


Toronto Fashion Week : Great Moments

Hey Lovebirds, 

Here are some pics of me and some of the amazing people I spent the whole week with, friends I bumped into and some famous Canadian faces 

Toronto Fashion Week : My Features & OuTFITS

Hey Lovebirds, 

Sorry it has taken me this long to post outfits of what I wore during fashion week. 
The sad thing is that I was SO bad when it came to taking pictures of my outfits.
So I came up with an idea that would kill 2 birds with one stone. 
Here are some of the features that were done of me during fashion week + you get to see what I wore. 

p.s this gorgeous lady you see in almost all my pics is my DEAREST friend Bella. I LOVE her to death and enjoyed every waking moment of fashion week with her!!!


Toronto Fashion Week : Day Five

Hey Lovebirds

So this is the final day of shows from fashion week 
check out my favs from that day 


Photo Credit : Paul Ross OPIQUE www.opique.com

Toronto Fashion Week : Day Four

Hey Lovebirds,

Yesterday I got the BEST. SURPRISE. EVER.!
I found out my mom was in Toronto as well.  Her and my brother had kept me out of the loop. 
*tips hat off to my brother*.. well played brother well played. LOL
sooo after 2 days of much needed chilling and catching up on sleep. 
I bring you my favs from day 4 of fashion week 


Photo Credit : Paul Ross, OPIQUE www.opique.com 


Toronto Fashion Week : Day Three

Hey Lovebirds, 

Fashion Week ended yesterday and BOY! am I BEAT!!!
I slept for 11 hours after that and feel like I still need more. 
The week really takes a toll on you. 
I have a lot of pictures to sort through and post. 
Here is day 3 of fashion week. 
Check out the designers I saw


Photo Credit : Paul Ross, Opique www.opique.com


Toronto Fashion Week: Street Style

Hey Lovebirds, 

Here is another look at the fab people I've bumped into at fashion week. 
Kinda running behind schedule with the runway show pics, just waiting for me to get them from the photographer.  As soon as I get em I will start posting. 

happy Friday!!!



Toronto Fashion Week : Day Two

Hey Lovebirds,

Day Two was Tuesday October 18th, check out the designers that I saw that day. 
Big thanks to Paul Ross of Opique who took all these AMAZING pics. 
Thank you for sharing them with me, I truly appreciate it. 

I loved the shows that day and thank God for the boots I wore my feet weren't killing me like they were on day 1. Fashion week and heels do NOT match. I seriously believe my feet were not made for heels.
anyways.. check out the pics from the shows I caught

Photo Credit : Paul Ross, Opique www.opique.com

Toronto Fashion Week : Street Style

Hey Lovebirds, 

Check out the pics I have managed to capture so far of all the fab people I have met in between shows during day 1, 2 and 3



Toronto Fashion Week: Day One

Hey Lovebirds, 

Greetings from Toronto! 
Monday Oct 17th was the opening day for fashion week. 
The shows were in the evening and I managed to catch 2 shows. 
Things were a little hectic yesterday: A new location caused quite the stir which made for a LOT of cranky people.  I must admit I was cranky too because my friend Bella and I waited in 3 lines before watching out first show. I did realize how easy it was to be complacent when everyone around you is.  I knew I had to remind myself of the journey that it took to get here and I changed my way of thinking.  I'm grateful that I am here!

Check out the pics of my favorite looks from the 2 designers I managed to see on Monday, 
Lala Berlin and Arthur Mendonca. 
Out of the two Arthur Mendonca was my favorite. 
 I loved the colors, the prints, the slits and the cleopatra-esque jewellery  


--> highlight of my first day was meeting Jully Black and her telling me she loved my style :) 

[source] of runway pics is FDCC

a lil blurry... 
Jully Black and I 



Hey Loverbirds,

The past 2 weeks have been SO amazing. 
It all started over a month ago.  I really wanted to go to Toronto Fashion Week this October and didn't know how I'd get there as I couldn't afford it. 
I came up with a plan to approach a few newspapers to see if they'd sponsor my trip and I'd provide coverage of the week and also bring mainstream fashion news to Halifax.  
I heard back from one newspaper which advised me that kind of sponsorship was out of their realm however if I had something local they'd be happy to help. 
I haven't heard back from the rest.  
I was very disheartened and I remember the morning of Thurs, Oct 6th, I prayed that God would keep His promise of granting me the desires of my heart and I TRULY desired to go to fashion week.  
That night I checked my email to find a plane ticket with my name on it in my email.  A VERY dear friend of mine had bought me a ticket and I have to share the simple words that he said that still bring tears to my eyes when I think of them "I truly believe in your ability and would do the little I can to be there on your path to greatness. go get em!!!"
I was truly overwhelmed that I cried my eyes out for A WHILE! This humbled and blessed me more that I can describe to you. 
I still needed to raise money to get my media pass for the week and for my survival there.
After a few failed attempts at getting sponsorship for a media pass, again something great happened. I got an email with a confirmation for a paid for media pass for fashion week from my best amigo with this message "Happy eeeeearly birthday love
Being around you has shown me what it truly means to believe in dreams and have the courage to follow through!"  
Gosh, I'm such a sap! I'm already tearing up as re-read these simple words that friends have said to me.  I am BEYOND blessed to have friends that see so much in me especially when my vision is so clouded by my most present hurdles that I fail to see how great I can be. 
I'm thankful that I know God and thankful that my prayers reach Him.
Now as I am packing for my trip, leaving in less that 17 hrs, I found myself very pensive and feeling overwhelmed by the love I've been getting. 
I'm thankful that I have friends that believe in me as much as I believe in them. 
My dreams are not mine alone, they are also my friends' and their dreams are also mine. 
Thank you for your support lovebird, YOU reading my blog and helping it grow has helped to keep my dream alive.

Can't wait to share my experience with YOU
much love 


p.s To my mom and brother. for all you have done for me there are not enough words to express my gratitude. I love you both and I'm thankful for your belief in me. 


5 Current LOVEs

Hey Lovebirds, 

Thought I'd do a post and share with you some things that I am currently loving. 


1. The GIOGO Girls
I am addicted to these girls!!! Their videos are awesome and their style is MAJOR!
check out the rest of their videos here 

2.  Solange's Twitter Pic 
LOOOOOVEEE the look (shocker there! O_O)


3.  My Current Background Image on my laptop
my best amigo Kwame introduced me to the work of Minjae Lee.
LOOOOVEEE IT. check out his site here


4.  Kirk Franklin - I Smile
this song just makes me happy .. "even though I'm hurting I smile"

5.  Flaws of Couture
Introducing my new friends Garcia and Sasha
i'm looking forward to meeting up with these girls soon to chat all things curvy lifestyle
aren't they just fabulous!
check their blog here