FeaTURE: Wish List Chronicle Herald Ad

Hey Lover, 

Remember a few weeks ago when I did a photoshoot with Santa. 
One of the pictures was in the newspaper today and wanted to share it with you. 
They chose to print the goofy one..LOL.. 
I love it, it makes me chuckle :) 

check it 


p.s I put an iPad on my list. Santa, I been good. I promise :) 


Geeking over : Scarves

Hey Lover, 

Yesterday marked our first snow fall in Halifax. It's yucky out there!
It's snowed uhhhmmm ... you know how they say "It's raining cats and dogs"? What is the equivalent for snow?
I guess the equivalent would have to be two things that don't get along. 
It's snowed zebras and lions out there! *chuckle*  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anyways, my friend Sam gave me this idea to do another chapter of Geeking Over. 
With some crappy weather it is only fitting that we geek over some fab scarves to give us joy while we slip and slide in the snow. 
Check out Sam, Shariena and I geeking over scarves. 
scarves galore!


I had asked my brother to do it, but he slacked until I did my post.. so here is Ten


Geeking Over : The Jacket

Hey Lover, 

I'm starting a new thing on my blog. 
I will team up with any one of my fashionable friends and take some fun pics as we celebrate a certain piece of clothing. The first chapter is all about the jacket. This was decided after the shoot since we were both wearing some ultra cool jackets. 
I can't wait to do my next one! 
hope you like the pics. I LOVE them!


both jackets were thrifted :)

Not ALL Mondays are BLUE!

Hey Lover,

Just thought I'd share with you some of the stuff I got up to on my Monday. 
1.  I'm recovering from a cold and trying to sucker punch this fever in the face. 
BUT a girl has priorities, Value Village had a 50% off sale today LOL.
I put myself together, sunglasses, MAC red lipstick, a turban and some Nyquil and I was off to VV's boutique with the last of my b-day gift card. 
It was PACKED but I soldiered through and found some amazing things. 
2.  I've also been working on my vision boards, thought they needed a revamp, gonna share a couple of pictures with you. Do you have any vision boards of your own?
3. Caught up on some reading too. This month's ELLE Canada magazine with the GORG Emma Watson on the cover and also have been re-reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose.
4.  A friend of mine of MANY years also sent me a picture she had taken with her Clutch from my line. This did my heart a whole lotta good :)
5. I have been DYING to share this picture with you. shimmerella and I follow each other on Twitter and her avatar had her in this FLYasHECK blazer! I LUST for this blazer!

despite feeling sick, today was a little piece of Zen.
check out the pics of  the day. 
Hope you had a great Monday!

1.  Oh did I mention I spent under $20 for all my thrifted gatherings???? *happpyy dance*

2.  Vision boards help keep me in tune with my hopes and dreams. VISUALIZE VISUALIZE VISUALIZE

3. reading is sexy..lol

4.  Sooo Gorgeous!!! 

5. How FLY is this?


Do.It.YOURself - Animal Print Rhinestone Shoes

Hey Lover, 

The holiday season is upon us and to help you DAZZLE this season I present to you, 
 The Animal Print Rhinestone Shoes. 
I got home one day to find these on my bed. A friend gave them to me  as they weren't the right size for her. 
To be honest, I'm not a fan of baby phat (AT ALL), so I told my friend I would DIY them to make them more "me". 
check out what I did.
If you decide to do this, I would love to see what you come up with. 


Indie Boutik CoLLectiVE Grand Opening

Hey Lover

Last night I went to a store opening for Indie Boutique Collective. 
5 local designers have gotten together and created a collective of their 5 brands in one convenient location. 
The brands are Jere Brooks, MakeNew, Dakini Silks and Things, Blue Ladybug Design and Laura Chenoweth Organic Apparel. 
My personal favorite being MakeNew because it's designer thrift and genuine vintage clothing and accessories. 
The 5 ladies are awesome and would love for you to pay Indie Boutik a visit. 

Also, Follow them on Facebook here.
1542b Queen Street, Halifax
Business Hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 11-6
Friday + Saturday: 11-6 (new later hours starting soon)
Sunday: 12-4  

check out what I wore to the opening + a few pics I snapped of pieces in the boutique.


p.s. Glad I bumped into the fab girls, Erin and Jess, from Haute Halifax
p.s.2 I'm sure you can tell how much I'm LOVING my leopard print shoes. Gonna give them a rest..lol


Clutch CLEARance : A few more LEFT

Hey Lover, 

There are still a few more clutches left for clearance. 

1. Shipping costs are obviously dependant on location, however roughly 
Canada is $12
United States $15
United Kingdom $17
Halifax $free.99 lol.. you can come by and pick it up :) 
2.  If you are interested in a clutch please email me at clutchculture@gmail.com
*** please state what number clutch(es) you want. 
*** where you are?
*** most convenient way for you to pay for it  ( I'm pretty flexible email transfer, moneygram, western union etc)
3.  First come first served

happy shopping!!!!


A play. Some Food. Great Friends

Hey Lover

Today the best amigo and I had the great honour of seeing our friend, Helena, in a play she was starring in. 
Her performance was AMAZING! I felt so proud of her and so happy that she is following her bliss. 
The play titled "In This World, by Hannah Moscovitch, is a complex exploration of race, class and sex as experienced by two urban, contemporary girls in high school." [source
If you are in Halifax I URGE you to go and check out this play which is running until November 20th.  You have 1 more week to check this play out so what you waiting for? Get yourself a ticket and experience a great play!
For details of times, ticket prices and location click here.
I am SOOOO proud of you Helena and I can't wait to see how far you will go.
Please check out pics of what I wore, the best amigo pretending to be answering questions after the play (loser), some yummy food we had after the play,  and me and my Helena :) 
Hope you have a great weekend lover. Sending you strength to chase after your dreams in this new week.


please don't mind the closed eyes.LOL
also the red blazer deserved a repeat. i LOVE it!

 Food from Q - Smokehouse and Southern BBQ,  a GREAT authentic BBQ spot on Argyle Street 

A GRAD party & November's Trying SomeTHING new

Hey Lover, 

Hope you had a great Saturday. 
I went to a surprise Grad Party for my girl Mim.
The venue was a restaurant called 44North Ocean Bistro and since I had never been there before, what a great and budget friendly opportunity to have this as my "Try Something New" thing for November. 
my verdict on 44North Ocean Bistro you might be wondering... 
YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!! I had the Seafood Chowder which was rich and oh so delicious.
The prices were reasonable and the restaurant has a great view of the harbour!
Haligonians, go check out 44North inside the Marriott Harbourfront on Upper Water Street!!!

Check out the pics of what I wore, me and my girls and the yummy food that we ate. 

 WARNING: Get a napkin as you are about to drool on your computer. LOL

this is what I had, the seafood chowder .. nom nom nom 


Feature : WhatImWear.in

Hey Lover, 

Just wanted to share with you this mini style interview done on me by the fab people at WhatImWear.in while I was in Toronto.  
Check the video below of me talking about my style :) 
Thank you WhatImWear.in <3


The BLUE Hat

Hey Lover

Check out an outfit I wore yesterday when I hung out with some friends. 
I also went thrifitng later on in the evening and cashed in on some birthday gift certificates I got from a friend. 
How AWESOME is it that you can get birthday certificates from a thrift store? HA!
I decided to only spend some of the money. 
I got 3 blazers at $6.99 each. A red one, a blue one and a tribal-esque print one :) 
Check out pics below of the outfit I wore yesterday + my 3 new additions to the blazer collection. 
happy 11.11.2011!!!! hope you have/had a memorable day!


outfit photo credit : D.H


Yesterday was a GREAT day!

Hey Lover,
(part one)
I had such an AWESOME day yesterday. 
Last week I got an email from the Downtown Halifax Business Commission asking me to be a part of their Wish List Campaign.  It's a campaign they do during the holidays to encourage consumers to buy local. 
Consumers get to choose something from a local store downtown and add that to their "wish list" and they stand a chance to win money towards buying that item. 
So I went for my photoshoot yesterday shot at J & R Grimsmo (AMAZING store!) with photographer 
Chris Geworsky.  The concept was me sitting on Santa's lap and digging into my inner overly excited  4 yr old kid. (uhhmm that kid wasn't far away AT ALL) 
Check out this behind the scenes video of the photoshoot that I had my friend Shariena take.

and a few pics 

(part two) 

A couple of days ago I got an invite from Emma with The Black Business Initiative to a networking lunch event.  I had to dash to this event after my photoshoot.
What I thought to be a laid back networking event during lunch was actually lunch with 100+ business professionals from major organizations in Halifax who gathered to network and hear keynote speaker Sean Wise whose business mind is IMPECCABLE. 
It was amazing to hear him speak and a big thank you to Emma from the BBI for inviting me to be a part of the event. 
sidenote: the lunch was yummy, you know I had to pull out my blogger card and snap some pics of the food..LOL.