Creativity FILLED SaturdayS

Hey Lovers, 

I'm excited to have finally started doing some clutch culture photo shoots.
Enjoy the pics.


me and my model for the day, Kate M.
funny story : I was on the bus when I spotted Kate and her mane of hair.  I jumped off the bus on the next stop ran back and introduced myself.  I had such a GREAT day with her, we just clicked. #stalker..LOL

model: Kate M.
MUA/Styling/Photography: Mo H.

New Website Banners

Hey Lovers, 

So yeah, Im LOVING the new banners on my clutch culture website.
If you haven't seen em.. check em out below



Purses.Music & Romance

Hey Lovers

Gotta a few things to share with you today.

1.  Clutches & Pouches. 

The website has FINALLY been restocked. 
click here to go directly to the store

2. Food to feed my musical hunger

3.  the BFF ... (if only she knew)... *looks away*

4. How to LOVE

Such a breath of fresh air. 
Brandyn Burnette's cover of Lil Wayne's How to Love. 
confession: I actually haven't heard Lil Wayne himself singing it..LOL

5. The Randomness. 

So lately I've been yearning for a little zhuzh in my life. 
I want to be WOOED. lololol.
I just want a guy to ask me to dinner, partake in some great conversation with me and make me laugh, maybe catch a band then walk me home.
I can't be the only one feeling this. 

you know.... 
I actually miss taking walks with a guy I fancy.  In the 11 years I've been in north america I don't think I've ever taken a walk with a guy...
Oh and another thing what ever happened to the good ole love letter. 
If by any chance my next guy is reading this, love letters and hand in hand walks are needed!!!
with that said
I'm officially enrolling myself into the reawakening of the romantic movement.. uhm movement.


AFW - Fashion Week Outfits

Here are the outfits I wore to the fashion week events, with the exception of the long black skirt. I wore that one to a Gala I was invited to for the Black Business Initiative. I had such an amazing time there. Met some great people with amazing stories.

p.s. the outfit where i'm wearing the blue skirt. The smaller pic is me freaking out because I realized that I wasn't wearing earrings.. this is QUITE the rarity people, the POPO had to be called in..lololol

Radio Interview Outfit

Day of my runway show outfit 
p.s. the full length pic I had to jack from my darling Danna of Youlookfiiiine

Fashionista Mingle event outfit

2nd day of Runway Shows Outfit

Black Business Initiative Gala Outfit

1. interesting lil blurb about the necklace. It's GORGEOUS gold elephants surrounding my neck, however it's actually a belt i thrifted for 6 bucks, which was WAY too small for my waist but it was IMPERATIVE that I owned it.  Oh and I also discovered a new head wrapping technique..LOL
2. you might remember the black skirt as a black dress from the pic below.. the curves were spilling out, obviously, as the dress is a Medium,  when i "attempted" to fit this dress on them, so I pulled it down to make a skirt and voila!

AFW - Fashion Market

I had almost forgotten about the Fashion Market where there were booths set up where vendors could sell their creations. 
I was there for both days and snapped these pics when some friends stopped by 

AFW - When MY ideas came to LIFE

Hey Lovers. 
I am BEYOND excited to show you these pictures from fashion week. 
These are my latest creations. 

p.s. a special thanks to Denis Duquette for the AMAZIINNGGG pics he took of the week.

and lil ole me taking my bow

CBC Radio Interview

One of the AMAZING things I experienced was a radio interview I had on CBC the afternoon before my runway show.
I listened to it earlier today and it sounds SOOOOOOO weird hearing my voice. 
I think I did OK for my first interview. :)
have a listen


Cbc Radio INTERVIEW Clutch Culture by Curvy Geekery

AFW - The Lovers of Fashion

Sadly I didn't manage to snap as many pics of people I bumped into during the runway shows.
Check out the few lovers of fashion I managed to snap.

Not the Best pic, but i love it still. Me and my partner in crime Danna of the Blog Youlookfiiine

my lovely friend Aliyu was my date for the first night of shows. <3

AFW - Fashionista Mingle

One of the events during fashion week was the Fashionista Mingle. 
Fashionistas gathered to check out some lovely boutiques, mingle, see live mannequins and enjoy yummy hors d'oeuvres. 
Check out pics that I managed to snap of the event


AFW - When Ideas came to LIFE day 1

So there were 2 days of runway shows.
1. Emerging Designers Showcase on Wednesday June 15th, which I was a part of. 
2. Designers Showcase Gala on Saturday, June 18th.
I managed to check out a few shows on Wednesday before I had to prepare for mine and then managed to see Saturday's show as part of the Press section. Here are the designers I saw on Saturday.
I have very few pics of day 1, here they are

AFW - When Ideas came to LIFE day 2 pictures

So there were 2 days of runway shows. 
1. Emerging Designers Showcase on Wednesday, June 15th, which I was a part of.
2. Designer Showcase Gala on  Saturday, June 18th. 

I managed to check out a few shows on Wednesday before I had to prepare for mine and then managed to see Saturday's show as part of the Press section. Here are the designers I saw on Saturday.
So here is what I managed to snap pics of during the second day