Spring AWAKEning

I don't know about you guys, personally as soon as March begins I'm already in spring mode. Eagerly keeping a look out for legitimate sunshine. (And) by legitimate I mean the kind of sun that actually feels warm on your skin, not the kind of sun that so often deceives us in eastern Canada where it's still 5 below (if lucky) and deceivingly bright as heck.  I look forward to noticing small changes, like the random tiny spring pot flowers that tired-of-winter and looking-forward-to-summer home bodies start to put out in hopes that maybe the plants will solicit an early appearance from that stubborn groundhog.

Though March begins tomorrow, I must confess that I have been in spring mode for a while now already.  I have been rocking my bright colors all winter, for some reason I just didn't succumb to the usual darkening of colors this winter.  Here are some of the things on my spring wish list to make one complete spring(ful) look.  I will close my eyes tightly, cross all my fingers and toes and send a big prayer upstairs that I will find all this stuff by my door in a week or two (have to allow for shipping and all..LOL). God knows I'm broke and the sarcastic laughs that come out of my bank account each time I find something I love are just hauntingly mean. *giggle*

Charlotte Russe Side Bow Peep Toe Bootie [here]

Asos Curve Gathered Waistband Dress [here]
sidenote: this is fast becoming my new fav color.

Coming this spring! from Fabiola Bernard [here]

N'Damus Corset Vintage Green Belt [here]
might as well send the hat the model is wearing :)

See how I cleverly gave you a sneak peak to my new clutches??!!??! LOLOL.
soooo happy to give you guys a sneak peak to the new clutches. Hope you like it!!

and just in case my wishes actually do come true, I'm throwing in Tracee Ellis Ross' hair in there too. *green with hair envy*
sidenote: took out my braids today. :)

with a spring in my step
The Curvy Geekster


1am Inspiration

Gosh, who wakes up at 1am??? SERIOUSLY!!!
...now that I can't go back to sleep I thought I might as well try to do some sewing, but needed a quick jump start of inspiration and I came across this...

I've been a fan of her blog [Le Blog de Big Beauty] for a while now and adore her for NEVER compromising on style.

noooow.... to the sewing machine... *woosh*


The Day in Pictures

Some of you may already know if you have me on Facebook.  My clutches are going to be the accessories for another designer during the smaller shows at Toronto Fashion Week. I'm UBER excited. Hope I make it to Toronto.
One day I will be one of the bigger names. *GRIN*
Adele's New Album is all I've listened to today. The song Someone Like You has played probably 15 times
Had to do a quick thrift store run to finish up the clothes for my models for an upcoming show for my new clutches.
sidenote: this blazer tickled me...LOL. I think anyone that leaves a piece like this needs to leave a picture to show us how they rocked it... *dead*
perhaps I should be sick more often, I've been coming up with some nice swanky hairstyles.  This flu is still kicking my butt. I'm so over it already. Just like how I'm over this winter already. I'm sure you can tell from my colors how much I'm ready for spring!!

The side BeeHive

This is how I looked last night. Sadly, I didn't manage to take some pics of my outfit.
forgive me please.

I'm bringing the beehive back..(with a twist) ...LOL... ohhh how I miss the 90s...

Curvy Segregation

Earlier , I caught a glimpse of this insecure younger girl I had hoped not to see again.  I came face to face with her at the most inopportune time.  Now before I go on to tell you what happened to make me feel this way, I must say that in life we do things and not even realize how it affects others and I'm hoping it wasn't intentional.

So I went to an event and being the people watcher I am I started to notice a few things.  Pictures were being taken of the event and the fab people that were there.  However, I noticed a somewhat separation of the classes, body type classes to be exact.  I realized that my picture was never taken despite standing less than a foot away from the photographer many times.  Not wanting to overreact or sound like a b-word, I did ask a friend of mine to observe and confirm or deny whether I was just over analyzing things.We both stood there observed and she agreed with me.  There was an evident favoritism to take pictures of the skinnier persuasion.

Now this may touch a nerve, this being such a small city and all and everyone knows everyone. Like I said before, we ALL do things and don't realize how they affect others.  I'm sorry that I have to post this and perhaps out you, my intention is not to but it's to share with my curvy girls something that perhaps a lot of us go through at some point but never really acknowledged.    

But yeah, I hate how I felt, gosh.  I immediately felt like I was back to the period 2005 to 2007, when all I did was fuss about my image.  I had no self-love only because I was searching for it in the wrong places, hoping someone else would show me my beauty.  Every emotion flooded back in, questioning every love handle on my body, wondering when people saw me if they thought I was beautiful, wondering if people who didn't know me noticed how broken I was, or had I been successful at fooling them.  I wondered if people looked at me and asked themselves what happened to me to get me to this size.  I was made to question my worthiness during that event.  Am I not worthy?

For most of my life I never felt beautiful.  I had this small head and neck with big lips and was taller than most of the boys.  Growing up with 4 brothers in the household made me into a guy's girl.  I did every sport I could do, and have always felt in my element when hanging with guys. 

As I type this, I'm in tears at this forceful mental re-playing of all that bullpoop that I put myself through and yet I am finding myself knocking some sense back into my head.  This is not who I am anymore.  I haven't been that person in years now.  Maybe I needed that little flashback just to show me how far I have come.  I could go on but I will abruptly end it here as I now feel like doing a photo shoot. HA!

walking with a sway in my hips.
The Curvy Geek


The COOL kids - Adele

her music is intoxicating and her voice is like butter.
If you know Adele -----  you already have a blissful heart
If you've heard of her, but never had a listen ----- you might wanna get on that
If you've never heard of her ----- you are welcome.

click here for her Youtube Channel and enjoy!


le RANDOMness

I'm posting this so
- I don't forget this awesome idea I just had
- remind myself to blog about it soonest when I feel better


ME Hair

Despite feeling like death... I had to drag myself out of bed to run some errands.  \o/  <-- angry fists to the freezing temperatures and the cold and flu.

However sick I am, I somehow managed to style my hair and I liked it!  Truth be told I just sit by the mirror and play around with it until I'm satisfied with the outcome.

sidenote: I know people have asked me how it is that I manage to style my braids the way I do.  I wish I could a video for you but I SUCK on camera... I've tried like 15 times to do one and they are all a disaster.  *insert gangsta voice* Ima keep trying coz I can't be punked by no video..LOL...
be patient with me... I will get it.. I promise.

sidenote numero dos: Thank you Jesus for a little foundation, brow kit and some lipstick, without them I looked so crappy. One wouldn't know how crappy I actually feel.

Who's AWEsome??

YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!

Yes You
You reading this blog

Gosh you fab people you. What a way to show a girl you are taking notice of what she LOVES doing.  I've surpassed 4,000 hits on my blog in under 3 months!!!! shuccckksss *plays with hem of skirt and kicks an imaginary pebble*
I'm humbled. I feel loved. I feel giddy. I feel overwhelmed.

thank you THANK YOU for the love. I notice it and I feel it.

much much love.


what INSPIRES you?

I've always been fascinated by what people find inspiration in.  It amazes me to know that 2 individuals could be looking at the same thing but be inspired to do totally different actions.  Also, it's wonderful to know that there is no end to things that will inspire us all to do something great. 
Today, I found myself asking what it is that inspires me.  I wish I asked myself this question more often, or at least wrote down the things that inspire me as I find them on a daily basis.  About 2 years ago I had a vision board that served as a focal point of my search for immediate inspiration.  All I had to do was look towards my wall and be reminded of the future that I hoped for.  For a reason that I honestly cannot recall, the boards came down.  I wish I knew at what exact moment I decided to take them down then I would know what feelings I had that led me to no longer find inspiration in the boards.

I've decided to re-create my vision boards of where I want to go and inspiration boards of what will help me get there.  The future I've always hoped for still holds a lot of the things I had on my last boards. However, some things have changed that now allow me to see an even bigger future for myself.  Though this may seem great, I still believe that the future I hope for is far from what I'm truly meant to become, as I'm still learning about myself and what I'm capable of.

Here are a few things that inspire me.  I would love to know what inspires you.

geeky inspiration

B. Smith - Restaurateur, Author, Lifestyle & Decor Guru

socially and spiritually conscious music always makes me what to be the best me.
having an awesome circle of creative friends to come up with ideas and believe in each others dreams

The COOL kids - Muhsinah

Oh Muhsinah, how I think you are SOOO cool. I love her music and love her personality :)


The Nautical Blazer

Hung out with some friends last night and this is what I wore..

hope you had a great weekend.
geeky love


Baby Bumb Curvy-ness

A very dear friend of mine is expecting her first baby, and her being a fab chica, I decided to do this post in her honor.  Pregnancy give us women some extra curves and may make it difficult to feel like a fab momma to be.  There are some stores that do have Maternity Collections for the fashion savvy mommies-to-be.
Here are some of my fav pieces that I have come across.

confession: I do shop in the maternity section ... *looks away*
they honestly have some really comfy jeans ..LOL... I hope this is a safe area where I can share my doings.. *giggle*

Stores to Explore while in Baby-Bump land
www.asos.com [Maternity Collection goes up to UK20 plus there is the Asos Curve Collection up to UK26]
www.isabellaoliver.com [goes up to UK size 18 and US size 20]
http://www.bellablumaternity.com [has both a petite and a plus size maternity collection]

Tabacco Jersey Pencil Skirt from Asos [click here]

I'm a sucker for this French Connection jumpsuit at Asos!! [click here]
can't go wrong with harem pants, uber comfy [click here]


So yesterday, myself, my brother and our two mates went thrifting just to check out if there was anything nice out there and to get a little bit of inspiration.  I only managed to get a pair of earrings for a buck... sadly because my bank account is cursing me out in three different languages.  Help me baby Jesus!
Regardless, it's amazing what a pair of earrings mean to me.  They bring me so much joy and inspire a whole outfit!
While out there in thriftland I came across a few things that tickled me...LOL... hope they tickle you too.. oooo and check the earrings I got... nautical aye? *insert cheesy nautical saying*

Oh Eddie Murphy.... flashback of Boomerang..LOL

I want this phone SOOO bad..

you remember them cassette tape days!!
 tape gets caught up in the radio and you have to gently take it out so you can use a pen to wind the crinkled tape back into place.

The enigma of the ugly sweater.
Sadly, I LOVE ugly sweaters and have a few.. going to do a post about em..LOL

Le Outfit

Hello Dahhlings...

Had a great night last night.  I got to attend a networking event for people in our little fashion industry.  I love the dress that I decided to wear  and YES I rocked some heels with it.  Might I be frank and say that at the end of the night I was walking like a dinosaur, my dogs were barking y'all.  Heels are just not natural.. but I'm losing focus here. Anyways the event was nice, the location was superb, it had a great vibe and I got to meet some fab people.  Pics of what I wore below.

off to bed I go.
happy Saturday geeks


The COOL kids - Asa

I love Nigerian singer Asa's whole vibe. She definitely belongs to the cool kids club :)

inspired by...

and voila