the end of a chapter...


You have stood by me in these last 2 years and have helped grow my blog to what she is right now. 
So many opportunities have come my way because of your constant support of me and what I do. 
This blog is my foundation and I am SO grateful for how it has propelled me to see a broader vision which I am now ready to share with you. This will indeed be the last post on Curvy Geekery as I move over to my new site.  The blog will remain active in case you ever need some inspiration. 
Will you do me the honor of taking the next phase of this journey with me as I create a majestic narrative under the new site

I can't thank you enough for all the love, support and kind words.
ALL my love



An early morning chuckle

Check this video that my friend and I did! 



October 6th

Hey Halifax, 
What are you doing on October 6th? 
Come party with me and even dress up if you want to!!!
click HERE for more details on the Facebook Page!

see you there!