1 Hairstyle : 9 Looks

Hey Lover, 

So I been wanting to do this post for a while now. 
I decided that I would attempt to do as many different looks out of 1 hairstyle and share those with you. 
Sadly when I was actually able to sit in from of the mirror and put the looks together I was already at my wits end with the braids, so I only managed to do 9 looks in that one sitting.  
I took the braids out last night and I feel so relieved. I promise to do more looks and even some videos the next time I have braids.  I think my choice of protective style this winter might end up being a wig. I have a love/hate relationship with them, but I'm also fed up with braids. 
enjoy the looks I came up with. 



Christmas Eve Dinner

Hey Lover,

Hoping you are having an AWESOME Christmas Day.  I decided that I would have a couple of my favorite people over and cook a little dinner on Christmas Eve.
I prepared honey mustard chicken with peppered apples, sweet potatoes, veggies, rice and red velvet cheesecake.
I threw in some red wine and some eggnog to complete the night. 
I drank eggnog for the very first time and it was YUMMY.  
It was such an awesome night filled with good food, wonderful company and great conversation.
I'm probably going to be crashing someone's Christmas dinner tonight..lol

check out the pics

p.s. Happy Birthday Jesus! 

Merry Christmas!!!


feaTURE: The Coast

Hey Lover, 

I popped up on The Coast website a couple of days ago.
woop woop!
check out the cute, little feature ^_^



Are those Oranges on your Ears ???

Hey Lover, 

This is the outfit I wore to the event below this post. 
I geeked out when I made a bow-tie using a regular tie. 
I also love these 99c earrings I thrifted. Oranges anyone?
check out my full outfit. 


Event Geekery: 99 Days In

Hey Lover, 

Yesterday I got the chance to go to a runway show featuring designs from fashion students from 
the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD).
Each designer showed about 3 to 4 pieces.  The collections ranged from 50's inspired garb to a punk'd up Victorian era.
My favorite was Jennie Bijou who drew inspiration from the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.
In her words, " I wanted to infuse the emotions, colours and textures that the elements evoke in myself.  All of the fabric was hand dyed with natural dyes as to respect the elements that surround me everyday. I want the wearer to feel the same joy and life while wearing the dress that I felt while making it, and to create strong silhouettes that make them feel as powerful and forceful as the elements they are representing."

check out a few of the pictures I snapped at the event and also a video of my fave designer of the night.


FeatTURE: The Coast

Hey Lover, 

I can't believe I forgot to share this with you!!!! 
Check out Clutch Culture making an appearance in The Coast yet again.. YAY!
love it. 
This feature appears both on their website and in this year's Buy Local Guide which you can pick up around town. It's a little booklet and in case you are not sure what to look for I've attached a pic of the booklet.
You can find Clutch Culture mentioned on page 10.
check it, 



FeatURE: Halifax Magazine

Hey Lover, 

Check out what Halifax Magazine had to say about my event last week. 
Seeing this honestly made my day today.
I feel so blessed and humbled by this VERY well written feature. 
The image below is just half the feature, click on it to read the rest. 

Thanx to Nicole Trask and Halifax Magazine.
I truly appreciate it!!



FeatUREs : The Metro & The Coast

Hi Lover, 

Last week I was featured in 2 newspapers on the SAME day!!! *shocked*
how awesome is that!!!??!!!
It was the same AD campaign but I must admit I was super chuffed I took up half the page of The Coast ^_^
check em out



Celebratory Drinks

Hey Lover, 

After such an AMAZING event on Friday, my friend Shariena and I were still on the high from that night AND to top it off , she had just finished make-up school. So we decided to go grab a few drinks and have dessert at one of my favorite spots. It was a much needed chill time because we got to chat about future events, collaborating projects and working even harder than we did this year. The time of reflection was truly needed. 
Check the few pics we took. 

p.s. click on her name to check her make-up blog :) 

Curvy Geekery's 1 YR Anniversary

Hey Lovers, 

I present one of the MOST magical nights of my LIFE!!!!
Curvy Geekery's 1 YR Anniversary.
This night will forever be etched in my mind and heart.
Thank you to everyone that made it out to celebrate with me.
A SPECIAL big THANKYOU to Chris and Andrew of La Trinidade & The Listening Room for taking a chance on me and letting me host my event at their swanky venue!! I am truly grateful! 


p.s. I will be adding all the pictures to Facebook so that all who attended can get copies of the pics :)