Friday Vibes.

Hey Lovers,

Just a quick post today. First of all, Happy Friday!!!! Secondly, I just wanted to announce the winner of the Younikness Giveaway.
And the winner is.....
Nika W.

(will be in touch with you )

minor sidenote:
did a quick drive by M.A.C today to check out my lovely friend and ended up trying this lipstick which I actually love. Hope to get it at some point.
Next time you go to M.A.C check out Russian Red.  It's a matte finish which I have been so hooked on for a while now. 

p.s thinking of changing my blog banner. My mind has been on overdrive trying to think of something different.
so bare with me. you will probably see a whole bunch of changes on here until I'm satisfied :) 


LAST CALL: Younikness Giveaway

Hey Lovers,

It's the last call for the Younikness Giveaway. you have until end of day tomorrow to
1. "LIKE" the Younikness Facebook Page
2. Send your facebook name to my email clutchculture@gmail.com
3. Stand a chance to win these gorgeous earrings

bon chance!

Thrift.ED Gather.INGS with Omo

Hey Lovers,
My darling friend Omo just sent me a Thrift.ED Gather.INGS treat for you all.
Enjoy her little write of her adventures and check out the pictures.
*Dead* for the Ralph Lauren Blazer!!!

big kisses
the curvy geek

I am in sunny California and totally taking advanatage of all the 

thrift stores here. AMVETES is fanfriggingtastic, if you find yourself
in California please check it out.

The purple, teal and Red Ralph Laurent blazer I got from there.
The white top which I totally love and deserves a post of its own and 
the piggy clasp purse which my sister thinks she can covet but I am not budging is 
also from Amvetes, the YSL scarf is from trusty Value Village in Toronto, Canada.

Shades are super old Fendi's AKA mums old sunnies :)
Never underestimate the power and value of the thrift store my darlings.
I love buying separates and have a ton of blazers,  over 20 and counting AND 

I have worn them more than twice, yes!! ALL of them :)

Scarves are a fantastic way to accessorize any outfit yes a lot fashionistas say it is "Old school"  
who cares I love them and use them as belts, necklaces, head wraps, bag / purse straps, purse tie, 
pocket placements the list is endless and yes you have my blessing to go crazy!!!!

Until next time 
Omozele. O

The Fabulous Omo.

Omo's gorgeous and super sweet sister - Sonya.

Hey Lovers,
It's Mo again. So after reading Omo's write up I researched this AMVETS thrift store in California.
So AMVETS stands for American Veterans. As the website says "Located in communities throughout the country, AMVETS Thrift Stores offer quality used clothing, household goods and toys at reasonable prices."
So i'm guessing it's somewhat the same concept as the Salvation Army stores that I frequent here in Halifax.
Here is the link that will take you to the list of stores they have in probably every state in the US.

p.s. if you are in the US and have been to one of these thrift stores, would love to see your thrifted gatherings or hear your experiences. 


YAYness! 10,000 Views!!!!


You sure know how to make a girl blush and junk. LOL. Thank you for supporting me and following my blog. I TRULY appreciate it. Sending you all positivity today and always :)

enjoy my giggly and silly attempt at my first video on my blog.
+ announcing the winner of my earrings giveaway. 
BIG Xs and Os

GOSH! im sooo giggly.. *DEAD* *epic fail*

D.I.Y - White BEads on CARAmel

So I had this gorgeous necklace, but it broke a long time ago and has just been sitting in this 
little plastic bag.  I used the necklace back in 2009 when I took some pictures for clutch culture.  I fell in love with the beads and am using them in this D.I.Y to give them a new purpose :) 

I took one loose bead at a time and glued it onto the flap of this purse.

After putting the beads that I wanted to on the purse, I then covered the flap of the purse with plastic wrap. I did this because I wanted to wrap a scarf around the purse to help the beads glue and dry in place. The plastic was to stop the scarf from moving the beads before the glue dried.  I let them dry overnight.

I still have ALOT of beads left, wonder what I'm going to do with them O_o :)

D.I.Y. - The LOVE. earrings

I made some earrings out of scraps of faux leather material that I've had lying around for a long time now.

I then cut out 2 rectangles on the faux leather I wanted to have as the base of the earrings. (see above pic bottom left hand corner). I then cut 2 pieces of each shape from different colors of faux leather as seen below.  After that I started gluing the pieces onto the base faux leather and made sure that the second earring was a mirror image of the other.

I then glued earring backs (yes, I choose to call them earring backs, coz I don't know if there is a technical term..LOL) I have a whole bunch of these from broken earrings so I just recycled. After gluing them to the back of the leather piece I then left them to dry overnight. 



Last CALL: 10,000 Views GIVEaway.


Less than 150 views till I giveaway 7 pairs of earrings. Please don't forget to send me an email if you want to stand a chance at winning the earrings.

the rules again...

1. Be an official follower of the blog that is if you aren't already. If not, click on the follow button on the right side of the blog.
2. Send me a quick email to clutchculture@gmail.com with the following info
First Name:
Initial of Last Name:
Username that appears on the list of followers:
Country of Residence:

e.g. Mo H. - Curvy Geekery, Canada
so easy.

the stash

time is running out :) 

My Hair is FEELing the BLUEs

So today my hair woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I think I'm fed up with my hair. This feeling never lasts that long though and I think it's safe to say that I will be braiding my hair soon. This summer I hope to be a bit more adventurous with my hair. When my hair is not in braids I find that I just end up doing the twist out and that's about it.  My second year anniversary of my most recent chop is coming up in May and I'm a little disappointed in myself because I didn't take care of my hair as well as I hoped to in year 2. Hopefully this summer I will man up and grow some healthy thick hair.
So having my hair feeling all kinds of wrong today drove me to tumblr to browse some natural hair pics to cheer my hair up. Check out the pics I found, also you can check out the tumblr on here.  All pics are from that tumblr.
I think I'm definitely going to try this hair style when I braid my hair. :)

Before I braid my hair, I might just try this to see if I can do anything else with my own hair. :) 


Creativity FILLED Saturday

Hello  geeksters.

Today has been one heck of a long day. It's started off super early with me doing make-up and dressing 4 models for a photo shoot I was asked to do.  I had SO much fun putting together the looks for the girls.
Check out the picture below of me and the glam'd up girls.

Below are pictures of my outfit for the day. 
(paahhlease excuse how tired I look on here )

1. I am 400 views away from 10,000!!!! So be sure to enter the giveaway where I will be giving one lucky follower 7 pairs of earrings.  details [here]
2. Don't forget to also enter the Younikness giveaway to stand a chance at getting a gorgeous pair of earrings. 
details [here]

Happy Easter m'loves
the geek.


A BLoUSE and a VINTage Belt

Had to finish shopping for a styling gig I'm doing this weekend. Put this outfit together and felt pretty darn happy about the blouse and the belt.
Another amazingly inexpensive thrifted outfit.
$4.99 for the blouse.  $1.99 for the belt. (have had the yellow knitted tank for SO long now, I think I got it from Primark in the UK like 6 years ago, eeeekk).  The shorts were about $20 if I'm not mistaken from a couple of years back.

The outfit evolved into something else as the day progressed when I hung out with some friends over a Thursday Night ritual of wings, drinks and good laughs.  I traded the shorts for a purple skirt.

Le Curve One.

D.I.Y - BREATHE(ing) new life into an old purse

I am BEYOND excited to share my first Do-It-Yourself project with you.
I have decided to breathe new life into a purse I thrifted a while back.
I got the purse for $1.50 and liked how it looked but decided to give it a little more life.
call me `The Purse Whisperer` LOL.. gosh I'm so corny
If you try to do this I would LOVE to see some before and after pictures of your projects.

The Purse Whisperer

Begin cutting small pieces of the fabric to glue onto the purse. I decided to use random shapes and even overlapped them.  I wanted it to look uneven. Apply the glue on the wrong side of the fabric and onto the surface of the purse on which you want to place the fabric piece.  Carefully place the fabric onto the purse surface and press it down to make sure the piece doesn't move.

It`s up to you how much of the purse you want to cover up. I chose to cover up the flap of the purse. Also I like the unevenness of the back of the purse. I was not concerned about making the edge of the fabric pieces even. 

and VOILA......


Weekend deLIGHTs

Hello Lovers.
Hope you guys had an awesome weekend. Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend. A couple of factors are to blame for that - had a photo shoot, exhaustion and lack of a laptop right now seeing as though mine decided to die on me. Hopefully that will get sorted out this week. Here are a few pics of what I got up to this weekend + what I wore. I finally did a shoot for my clutch culture website. I'm going to be changing up a few things on there.  As much as I LOVE my website, I always need change in the things/places I frequent. Oh and about the outfit I wore.  I figured I would try something different.  I bought this skirt probably about a year ago for $1  #truestory and I was going to adjust it into a pencil skirt, but seeing as though this is the season of unusual skirt lengths and shapes I decided to rock it as it was.  It still does need adjustments but it was rockable.lol.
The top was also thrifted for $2,  the hat was $1.99, the shoes were $4.99 and the earrings were $4.00.
one outfit for $13.98!!!!!
Insane huh! Anyways thought I'd share that little tidbit. Style at any budget at its best!!!!
Enjoy the sneak peak into the shoot I did.

big kisses
le geekster

what I wore during my shoot.

sneak peak at the photo shoot :)


Someone you SHOULD know.

I have always been inspired by Rachel Stewart.  I first came across her through her jewelry line which is beyond amazing.  Her pieces have a story to tell and when my bank account starts behaving itself I'm definitely going to be wearing her pieces on the regular.  Though my attention was captured by her jewelry I must admit I have some serious hair envy.  She has some envy-inducing natural hair.  While browsing a blog of hers a month ago I discovered that she had chopped off her hair.  Now if this was 5 years ago I would have been utterly shocked, but I have a totally different relationship with my hair now.  Cutting it all off is not a problem for me.  I freed myself from that thought that was ingrained in me when I was growing up.  The idea that I couldn't cut my hair because it took so long to grow it.  Truth is I can cut my hair whenever I want and it can grow as fast as I want it to grow.  I just have to put in the time and effort to take care of it. I have chopped off all my hair twice in the last 5 years and I have moments of wanting to do it again....but... I digress.  So if you don't know Rachel Stewart here is the little photo intro of who she is (wearing her own jewelry).  Check out her blog and her store.

I salute you, Rachel Stewart, for being a FABULOUS curvy girl who inspires me daily.  I'm truly grateful.


Recap: 10,000 Views Contest

Hello Lovers.

I've finally figured out the earrings I will be giving away when I reach 10,000 Views on the blog.
I will be giving away 7 pairs of earrings to one lucky follower.

In case you missed the details of my contest click here.

ALSO below this post is another giveaway for a great pair of earrings from New York Based Designer, Fabiola Bernard, so be sure to enter that contest as well.

big bisous

Younikness GiveAway!!!

Yes, It's true!!! New York based Designer Fabiola Bernard who is the Designer/Owner of Younikness has been gracious enough to provide Curvy Geekery readers with some swag from her AMAZING collection.  Check out her website here for very unique and beautiful earrings, rings, necklaces, head bands and so much more!!

The Gorgeous Earrings

All you have to do to stand a chance at winning these Gorgeous earrings is..

1. "like" her facebook page here  . (yes, I will be checking. lol)
2. Send an email to me with your name and the giveaway. Email address is clutchculture@gmail.com
e.g Mo H. Younikness Giveaway

You have until midnight on April 28th, 2011  to enter the giveaway.  Winner will be announced on April 29th.

sidenote: If you are wondering where you have seen these earrings before, it's because I have the same pair and they are undoubtedly one of my favorite pairs of earrings. #truestory


Fashion Week Outfits!

Hello Dahhlings. 

So finally I got a chance to work on my outfits post for what I wore when I was in Toronto.  Sadly, I didn't take any pics when I was in Toronto, but I took quick pics on my phone and wrote down what makeup I put on so that I could replicate the looks and show them as they were while I was out there.  So tonight I did my makeup and wore each outfit and took some pics. Had some fun doing it!.
I felt absolutely fabulous in each outfit that I wore.  I selected the outfits before I left and made sure each outfit was the best representation of who I am. I went with bright colors, signature pieces (blazers) and eye catching details.
FACT: 90% of what I have on is thrifted and not more than $10 per piece!!!