Photography: Ele.Vator Vani.ty & Distre.ss

So one of the little things that I have picked up is photography.  I mostly have done stuff for my Clutch Culture website because for some reason I haven't gotten past the nerves and pressure of doing pics for other people.  In the new year though, I do hope to take up more projects for other people and build on my craft.

I did, however, do a shoot a few weeks ago with a gorgeous Ugandan girl, Erina, who is a model for STRUT Model Agency.  She is just starting off and I've been blessed to see her journey so far.  From the first time I met her to now, there is so much progress and a growing desire to learn.  Her Agency and I decided it would be fun to do a relaxed shoot, to create rapport and share some of the things I have learned from being around fashionable people.  I'm far from being a professional but I love the industry and anything that I can do to help someone I will do. 

I did 2 shoots with her.  The first named Distress which was just to get some emotion out of her and the second named Elevator Vanity which was just to get her to move and attempt different poses.  I also did the makeup and the styling and had fun doing it all.  



The earrings addict?

Can a girl really ever have too many earrings? It's funny, because when I look back to when I was 18 or 19 I didn't want to have anything to do with earrings.  I got my ears pierced on a whim really, my mom's older sister rebelled against my mom and took me to get my ears pierced when I was 10.  I probably wore earrings for a month and just gave up on it until I was 20.  I guess I went through a 10 year span of my tomboyish ways, thankfully, a budding fashion lover started exploring accessories. 

For the longest time I was hooked on big earrings, the bigger the better I felt.  Then when I finally started embracing my creative side I wanted to be different, I wanted to stand out and show that I was brave enough to do so. I started to gravitate towards the rare pieces and I have seriously grown an extensive collection of intriguing earrings, a good chunk from thrifting and the rest from vintage stores.  When I really think of when the bulk of my collection was acquired, the time frame is in line with when I went natural and freed myself from the creamy crack.  Having my hair natural just made me more aware of my whole face as opposed to just my hair.  You could say I felt like since I was natural I had to up my earring game because my ears weren't being covered my long weaves or braids. 

The incomparable feeling of finding a rare pair of earrings is such a fashion high for me.  I start to think of the outfits that I would wear, to the thoughts of how I would wear my hair and to what other accessories I would pair the earrings with.  I find myself studying the earrings, from looking for details that I might have missed to wondering who wore them before me (who she is/was, her style, her beliefs and why she gave up such a gorgeous pair of earrings).  Even though I wonder what could have driven the previous owner from letting them go, I'm thankful that I'm continuing these earrings' journey. 

A toast:  "To my star trek earrings, for giving me a double dose of confidence, nothing can go wrong when I have you on. - live long and prosper <-- geeky moment  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
enjoy some pics of some of my collection

geeky holiday love
let's love each other


Boutique Geeking - Pretty Things Boutique

 Today, I went by a local boutique in downtown Halifax, called Pretty Things Boutique.  It's the ultimate girlie girl's piece of bliss with its fantastic ambiance reminiscent of the pin-up era . With pictures on the walls of icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and numerous pictures of pin-up girls just makes a girl wanna sway her hips a little bit more than usual.  

Owned by Cadence MacMichael, Pretty Things Boutique carries sizes 2 to 26 in skirts to dresses,  lingerie to shape wear, make up to vintage purses.  The clothes are of great quality and the timeless styles will definitely help you express yourself more.  I must admit I felt a little giddy walking around snapping pictures in the boutique because of my love for vintage inspired forms of expression.  The Owner "draws her inspiration from the beautiful curvacious movie stars and pinups from the mid 20th century and modern burlesque queens." So go check out this boutique and also check out their website [click here].  They have an online store and worldwide shipping too!!!

Some of the brands carried by PTB - Igigi, Sealed with a Kiss, Lotis, and as of next year PTB is starting it's own line!!!


Counters to pay for your pretty things :) can you see the cute aprons peaking in the pic on the right?? GORG!!

The changing rooms have pretty curtains :)

They also carry make-up brands like Stript and Geisha Ink

they have a seating area with gorgeous animal prints!!!

Gorgeous shelves with so much girlie panache
gorgeous vintage purses!!!!

Walls adorned with Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe



The Sound.TRack of mY Li.FE - part 1

Music has played such an immense role in our lives.  A song has the power of instantly taking you back to a specific moment when that song took what you were feeling to a whole different level.  Music tends to do that, and I love music for that! So for my first music post, I'll go with the women that have helped me put words to feelings, soothed my achy heart and empowered me to be an individual.

When I first heard my most favorite song Nina Simone - Please don't let me be misunderstood [click here], I felt so soothed by her tone though goosebumps ran through my body. I felt like a part of who I am was being poured out so eloquently by someone else who had no connection to me! I am SOO grateful to my mom for introducing me to Nina when was I was a teenager.

Oh Man!!! I remember the first time I listened to Solange - Cosmic Journey (feat Bilal) [click here]. I felt so calm. The vibe of the song was so engaging that when it ended I kinda felt cheated only to realize that the song was 6:12minutes long, which is way more than regular songs.

You ever hear a song that just makes you wanna hi5 and *sportsguy shoulder bump* the artist? I sure have *quite a lot of times I must admit!!..LOL.. it's lame, I know!!!. I felt that way when I listened to Rox - The Memoirs [click here] Album... I mean her voice is utterly decadent and the album is pure solid from the first word to the last note.

Now I know for sure I'm not the only person that "believes" that they have a personal relationship with Ms Lauryn Hill hahaha. The woman has managed to hold the position of best album I own since 1998 with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. [click here]  The artistry - the wisdom - the wordsmith on this album, in my opinion, hasn't been rivaled by any MC. (that is all...LOL)

Ayo - Dow on my Knees [click here] was such a wonderful experience when I first listened to it.  The acoustic guitar was sublime and the voice that followed was butter.  Her lyrics are to the point, make you pay attention and at the same time give you this peace that helps you to drift away. 

The first time I came across Nneka - Africans [click here]- I'm sure I raised a Hallelujah Church Hand and stood up.  Trust me, I tend to be a little over dramatic about things I truly love and I love that about myself. Anyways this song held my hand and spoke to me while the beat led my head to a little rocksteady. Such an amazing voice with such a powerful message to convey.



Off To the Ar.T sTore I went

just a quick post to show what I wore today when I dashed to an Art Supplies Store.
on a related note: there is something about different kinds of paper, the texture and the prints on them that just makes me SO happy. I can just stare at the wall of paper for a while. - anyways that was just a quick sidenote!!
Hope everyone had an awesome first of the month!