10,000 Views Contest!!!!!

So yeah, I must confess, my first attempt at a contest did not work AT ALL! lol.. perhaps it was too much pressure to be in a photo shoot that I would direct *shrug*.  Anyways I have decided to take it down a few notches and hopefully this time I can get a prize to one of my followers. The Contest will be to celebrate 10,000 views on my blog, currently just under 8,000 YAY! #optimism

So all you have to do is
1. Be an official follower of the blog that is if you aren't already. If not, click on the follow button on the right side of the blog.
2. Send me a quick email to clutchculture@gmail.com with the following info
First Name:
Initial of Last Name:
Username that appears on the list of followers:
Country of Residence:

e.g. Mo H. - Curvy Geekery, Canada
so easy.

The Prize will be a few pairs of earrings!!!!
sidenote: you know my earring game is pretty solid, so it will be worth it. LOL

pics of the earrings will be posted as soon as I sift through my stash.
p.s if any guys do enter I will find a prize for the guys #acknowledgingthemales #iamseriousthough

winner will be picked by the tried and tested names-in-a-hat method and announced when I get to 10,000 views.

So follow the blog and send in your name. As soon as 10,000 pops up no more entries will be accepted.

the curvy geek

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