Girls' Night

Hello Lover,

Last Saturday I was treated to some much needed girl time with my loves Shariena and Tosan.
It was such a great dinner at 44 North, filled with laughter and tonnes of chatting.
While Tosan and I were getting ready I had to prove to her how much dark lipstick does NOT agree with me. I had to take some pics to show you how I look with Revlon's Va Va Violet.
aaaakkk this lipstick just changes my whole personality in a bad way, it's weird!
As soon as I put on my red I just shouted "and I'm back!" HA!
Maybe a lighter shade underneath it might help.. *kanye shrug*
Anyways check out what I wore + me and the girls' night out!

p.s Thought I'd wear my pink wedges again, they are not staying pink for much longer. Not a big fan of pink.
sidenote: How GORGEOUS!!!! is my bestie Shariena and her baby bump? I pray I look like her when it's my turn!!

skirt, top, earrings necklace - THRIFTED | shoes - CHARLOTTE ROUSE | purse - DRESS IN TIME


  1. Love these pics! That food looks delicious!! I laughed out loud when you said "kanye shrug" hahaha I can TOTALLY picture you saying that out loud!



    1. I feel the same way about dark lipstick I'm gonna try to give it another stab this Fall. LOVE your outfit!

  2. I don't know what you're talking about! you are WORKING that dark lipstick, esp with your hair color (which I am loving) I know it takes some getting used to but believe me it looks fierce!!

  3. Lovely pictures and the food looks delicious! I love how you play with patterns too! Very fun!

  4. Your face looks so beautiful! And l am totally crushing on your hair!