The DoVE that FLY(ies) high in the SKY - ASA

Hey Lovers
Haven't done a Muse(ic) Mondays entry in a while...so here goes
For the past 2 weeks I have had Asa's self-titled album on REPEAT.
I'm pretty sure that the album has started giving me the side eye each time I press play. 
I just can't help it, there is nothing like going back to an album you hadn't listened to in a while. It almost feels like I am re-discovering the sweet goodness of the music.
I have other music of hers but for some reason I can't stop playing this one.
Check out some of my fav pics of Asa and some of my fav songs from the album. 

Love, Beats & Pure Art

1. Jailer
This is my MOST fav song on the album

2. Eye Adaba
I had no idea what this song, sung in Yoruba, meant when I first listened to it.  Regardless it took my soul to an unknown place. When I found out what it mean.. I understood why :)
click [here] to find out the meaning BUT FIRST listen to the song

3. Bibanke
Asa explains what it means :)


  1. I love Asa!
    I attended her show in Paris last month! She is amazing! I even got a picture with her! Heaven!