HIPsters & the night tHEIR playlists came to LIFE

Hey Lovers, 
Some of you might not know this, but I'm very much into indie music.
I love it ALL. The independent thought, the witty banter, creativity and in your face passion of the artists. 
Last night I and my best amigos Kwame and Montwedi went to see Shad.  He is such a smart rapper.  A Kenyan -born rapper with socially conscious lyrics that make you think. He is the kind of rapper that stops the music so that you can really hear the lyrics and understand the point he is putting across.
I got a chance to meet the amazing band that opened for him, named Three Sheet.
This was definitely one of the best nights I've had.

kwame and i

true fans 

loved her glasses :)

loved her colors

Shad and I 

me and eric and vanessa of Three Sheet

what I wore
self-made blue dress and necklace / thrifted blazer, shoes, purse, belt and glasses / Younikness earrings


  1. lovin those earrings!!! look great with the outfit!

  2. Liking the different shade of blues in your outfit. Cute. Where are the earrings from?

  3. loving the earrings...you didnt tell us where they're from oxoxo

  4. thank you!!! forgive me lovers... they are from Younikness
    www.younikness.com :)