Hey Lovers

I'm such a proud mama.
My baby Clutch Culture turned 1. Ahhh they grow up so fast!
I am so happy that I survived my first year.
I set out to learn about the industry and to see what I was capable of, to put myself out there and to simply step out of my comfort zone. BOY!!! this past year has been something else. I've had MANY downs but the ups have been SOO sweet. I've made many friends and did things I never would have imagined doing in my first year.  I am so glad God trusted me with some talent.  For all those that have helped and supported me along the way I am beyond grateful for you.  To the beautiful girls that have modeled for me, I am humbled by the trust you had in me.
I do have to name one of my dearest friends Paul Green for creating my amazing website and for being a great friend to me. 

Currently the website is being revamped: you know me, I need change in my surroundings.
Also, I will be starting some photo shoots soon and trying to push myself.  I'm constantly trying to better myself and think of ideas to see the extent of my creativity.  
Stay tuned for more great stuff!

Gorgeous Purses. Awe-inspiring prints & colors.

ps. mom, I made through my first year!!!!!!! :)

makeup/styling/photography - Mo Handahu 


  1. Congrats Mo!!!!!!!! Continue the good work. I know you'll take it far.

  2. Happy 1st Anniversary! Wishing you more ups, more success to your burgeoning company. :o)

  3. Great work, Congrats. The clutches r beautiful.