Needing a LIFT up.

Yesterday was a day when I had 2 main things flowing in my head.
1. I found myself feeling like I needed a great big dose of inspiration.  There are SO many things that I want to get done this summer and a lot of big decisions I have to make which led to me needing a boost to get me started. 
2. I felt homesick.  I reminisced about the feeling of sitting outside our house feeling the sunshine on my back and having this sense of belonging and completeness.  I don't know if I am the only one that feels this way, but I have always felt the most in tune with my spirituality when I'm in Africa. I miss that feeling.

One of the many things that always gives me the little boost that I need is black and white photography.
Check out some of the photos I found online that ignited a tiny little flame in me.

stay inspired lovers
your curvy amiga


  1. love the photos,especially the this last one.... black models are such an inspiration to me.love them.