Thrift.ed Gather.ings

Hello Darlings

So my darling friend Tobi presented me with a fabulous idea for Curvy Geekery that I couldn't say no to.  She had just thrifted a whole outfit for a ridiculously low amount of money and suggested to do a post on the outfit.  So I thought to extend the idea to my other darling friend Omo and the three of us will create a new series called
Thrift.ED Gather.INGS

presented by

The Hunter Gatherers :)

So be on the look out for posts coming through with thrifted outfits.

ciao lovers.


Here is the first entry to the series.

So I walked into Value Village looking for a pair of comfy pants because the sun was out today and I realised I could only wear jeans for so much longer. LoL. So I found these pants and what drew me them was the feel of the fabric. Its such a soft mix of polyester rayone and a lil spandex (I checked the label) LoL. The pants were $4.99! You really can't beat that!!!. I had a 20$ budget, so at this point I felt like I'd hit the jackpot! Instead of walking away I figured I'd just complete the look with a blazer.  Now I don't know if it was a "You'll buy the first thing you touch" day but the first blazer I picked fit perfectly with the pants and it was only $7.99! Hmmm so I was like I might as well see if I can find a pair of shoes in my size and I came across these hush puppies in the men's shoe section and it was LOVE at first sight. They are a mens size 9.5.  And they fit like they were made for me ( I wish they had a little more padding or something softer on the inside though BUT I'll be rocking them regardless) lol.  The shoes were $9.99. The entire bill came to $25 and some change. The broche I decided to wear I had picked up from Lawrence Town Market in Toronto last Sunday morning for an amazing $3 and I've worn it everyday since. It only made sense to add it to the outfit.

Shirt underneath is from American apparel got it a while back ( dnt remember how much I paid for it).  The shoes are from torrid which cost $28 I thought they'd look better with the outfit :)

the "Badass Man" brooch

Button on the arm of the blazer

The receipt. Shame on the plastic bag for taking it over $25

Tobi. O
The Stretchy Pants Gatherer


  1. oi oi oi o oi which value village did u go? I love it , love it all I say :) and that broach is still fantastic did I tell u I am secretly wishing I saw if first lol :) Love it woman :)

  2. I must say I secretly wish I had seen the one that you got Omo..LOL... #sharingiscaring

  3. ahhh I miss Value Village ( or VVs boutique as we call it in T.) Europe doesn't have anything like it and it's killing me haha. Love the outfit! :)