Daniel Fast: Revisited

Hey Lover,

I didn't expect to get this much feedback from people regarding the Daniel Fast.  I've received some very inspiring emails, comments and Facebook messages about the fast.  To answer some of the questions/queries I got here goes...

More information about the fast
Please click here to go to the website where I got ALL my information from.  This resource is outstanding! It gives you a comprehensive list of the foods to eat and those to avoid. The site has over 6 million visits to date of other people interested in the fast, therefore you will get an abundance of recipe sharing + bible studies + testimonies and recipe books.  A LOT of inquiries were about more info so this should cover that!

Was the 21 day fast the hardest thing for me to do?
Honestly, I began the fast and didn't blog about it because I was SO sure I would fall off the wagon within a couple of days. This was definitely not a good way to start it.  It was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I think what contributed to my success was being 100% ready for a change within me + preparing meals at the beginning of the week for the rest of the week + having a few friends know about it so they could support me and pry me away from the foods I had to avoid.

How am I going to tweak it?
Well it's been 3 days now since my fast ended and I still haven't had the urge to eat any meat. However, when I do I will avoid the meat and opt for sushi (which I LOVE) or seafood. I still haven't had sugar yet but this morning I did have my first cup of tea and used honey as a substitute.  My first day off the fast I added eggs back in. The second day I added some cheese.  To give you a compressed list of what I will be eating, ALL whole grains (pasta, rice, bread), ALL vegetables, soy products (milk and meat alternatives) ALL legumes, ALL nuts & seeds, eggs, a reduced amount of cheese and seafood.  This is not to say I won't have any lapses or a day off..LOL.. because all my friends who know me, know that I love me some oxtail..LOLOL..

What would I do differently next time?
I would workout a schedule to pray and meditate.  In terms of food, I think I did pretty well for my first time.  Perhaps next time just try more recipes and expose myself to foods that I didn't normally give a second look e.g. almonds which are totally yummy to me now.

Have I lost any weight?
YES, I have!  A couple of weeks before my fast I had started working out as well. So this was a good way to get myself into a completely healthy start to my new year!

I hope this answers all the questions.  Wishing you success if you end up doing this fast.



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