My 21 day FAST

Hey Lover,

The past 21 days I have doing a spiritual fast called  the Daniel Fast.  The Daniel Fast is derived from the book of Daniel in the Bible. Daniel 10: 2,3 "In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks.  I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled"

Late November, I started playing around with the idea that I would do it for the first 21 days of the year to start my year off right!  A couple of days before the new year my mom surprised my brother and I and that derailed my plan as I HAD to enjoy my mom's cooking.  I vowed I would start the day she left.

The past 21 days have been filled with the discovery of strength and self-control I never knew I had.

Here is a list of some moments that stood out + pics of the food that I ate during the fast.

1. discovering almonds - I used to hate almonds, but I LOVE them now!
2. for those sugar cravings and for when I ate cereal I used raisins.
3. went for wings with my friends and I ordered the veggie burger, to only eat the patty and lettuce and give the bun and fries to my amigo.
4. realizing that I was so concerned about the food that I didn't pray and meditate as much as I had hoped to.
5. my mom deciding to do the fast with me, she finishes tomorrow.
6. felt a sense of obedience within myself.
7. seeing my body start to change, noticing that I began to sleep better and feel lighter.
8. my friends and brother cheering me on.
9. not feeling like I would immediately attack and chow down on a drumstick the second my fast ended and thinking of perhaps making this a lifestyle with a few tweaks.
10. wrapping my head around the fact that I haven't had sugar or any sort of meat in 21 days!!!

oh and being UTTERLY proud of myself!!!!

have you ever done or thought of doing the Daniel fast? let me know about it!


  1. mama these are fantastic, I am stealing a few recipes. I am also trying to get back on track health wise and I tell u just a few changes is making a whole 'lotta' difference and I am being rewarded. I had to go down 2 holes on my belt this morning :) here is to discovering peanut butter cos I used to hate it

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  3. yay Mo! I am super excited for you
    like I mentioned before I have tried doing this fast and I epically failed.
    You have motivated me and I will take up the challenge... hopefully I pull through :)
    I will be running to you for some tips soon.

  4. You are awesome!I've been stalking your blog for a few months now lol.Wonderful!:-)
    I've done the Daniel fast a few times...very challenging,but a GOOD challenge!Keep it up!

  5. Yay momo! finally done and you DID IT! awww yehh i'm proud of you. And the food is looking so good, especially the BEANS :):):) AND PEAS ! i'm starving right now and wishing that there was a technology to turn pictures in to reality! And good choice in making it a lifestyle with tweeks, I wanna do that too..someday...sooon...hopefully :)

  6. Eh Shamwari where is the Sadza? You should hear my belly growling right now from looking at all that food. You did great girl...Kudo's to you....

  7. very interesting! this is my first time hearing of this!! The food looks yummy and the photos are gorg! do you think you could do a few recipe posts? and talk more about the fast? that would be awesome!
    well done!

  8. do you think that fasting for 21 days was the hardest thing for you to do? I was thinking about trying it too.

  9. Interesting...I was thinking about doing it too. This is actually the third time, I have heard of this fast, this year! I need to do this...never too late

  10. Wow..I just did this fast too! For the month of January. I wasn't as creative as you with my recipes ofcourse! But I agree..I m definately thinking of incorporating a lot of this into my lifestyle

  11. i absolutely love you. im so sharing this with my mummy, who has been looking for the perfect diet change for quite a while.
    God bless