Damn YOU ALExis

Hello Lover

A few days ago I got an AMAZING email from a PR company in the US. 
They mentioned how impressed they are with my blog and were looking forward to working with me in the future. 
The company represents some great companies and in particular they wanted to introduce me to an Australian based Plus Sized Store called Damn You Alexis. 
Now I am introducing the store to you lovers.
Introducing Damn You Alexis. 
The pieces are simple, wearable and have feminine silhouettes. 
The little black dresses are crafted for the curves and are sexy. 
Now you know I am a girl of bright colors but for those days when I want to wear some blacks and greys I wouldn't mind letting these curves be hugged up in Damn You Alexis.
Also I absolutely love how the Designer, Megan Moir Pardy, came up with the name for the brand. 
"The name Damn You Alexis references Dynasty’s iconic and dramatic Alexis Carrington Colby, an inspirational, driven, 80s icon with fabulous style and even better business savvy"
I LOVE me some Alexis Carrington Colby, just takes me back to when I was a kid and would hide behind the couch just to catch some Dynasty when I was supposed to be in bed getting my rest for school.
Here are a few of my FAVORITE pieces from Damn You Alexis.
Also check out the brand's website here 

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