Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Lovebirds, 

My girls, Helena, Shariena and I decided to channel our inner 90's divas - Salt n Pepa.
We kinda left the costume gathering till the last minute so we couldn't find the jackets we wanted. 
We ended up settling for putting together a decent 90's inspired look. 
I made the hats which tied our looks together.
I also kinda felt like I was channelling Queen Latifah in House Party 2 :) 
We had fun repping the 90s which all three of us are crazy about. 
What did/are you dressing up as?? send me pictures at clutchculture@gmail.com
If I get a good amount I will post em on the blog :) 


just for chuckles I had to share what the light of my life aka my brother Ten decided to wear.
Yes, he is showing his gangsta swag
Yes, he has a toothbrush by his ear in case someone scuffs his tims
and *dying with laughter* YES, he is holding a teddy bear.
When I asked him what the teddy bear was for he said
"In case I fall asleep".. *DEAD* ... he is SO comical I tell you..

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  1. Great idea going as Salt-n-Pepa. And your brother is too funny. Not the toothbrush, though.