October's Trying Something New

Hey Lovers, 

So remember last month when I was part of the Try Something New initiative in Downtown Halifax,
I mentioned that I wanted to keep doing that and do something new every month. 
Well I did my October one earlier on today and this is what I did.

My friend Dali and I had lunch at The Loose Cannon. 

 Dali had the Club Wrap 

I had the Madras Chicken Curry 

Verdict ????

Dali: "I was freaking out over the hornets to the point that I almost choked on my food. LOL: and the one hornet drank my apple juice!!!
Other than the "panic" filled hour and a half, the food was pretty good! :) "

Mo:  The curry was just how I like it, had some major kick to it. Could have used a bit more chicken in it.
The service was good, our waitress was cheerful and very helpful.   The pub has a great location right on Argyle Street and is next to some of my favorite Halifax spots like The Bitter End and Q.
The only thing that I could have done without was the amount of hornets that attacked us both inside AND outside the pub.   This spoiled the experience because we had a handful of moments of freaking out when the hornets came by us.

go check it out sometime
The Loose Cannon 
1566 Argyle Street, Halifax
11 a.m. to 12 midnight daily for food, bar closes at 2 p.m.