New Brunswick Fashion Week

Hey Lovebirds

Sorry for not posting in like a week.  I've been sick! Have been dealing with a runny nose and random bouts of weakness and losing my voice. BUT I'm just starting to get over it so YAY! 
On Friday I had the opportunity to be one of the designers showcased at New Brunswick Fashion Week 
I was REALLY out of it since I was not feeling well and didn't end up taking as many pictures as I normally do. 
What I ended up doing was taking pics of things that caught my eye.
check out some of the pictures from the night that I had my show on. 
missed you guys!!!!
thank you for still checking out my blog and being supportive of all my endeavours


me and my designer friend Rebecca Pike

me and Shayla, my first model out for my show!..she WORKED that turban



  1. love the turban. i spot some motel rocks clothing.i love their dresses and the colourblock jersey skirt.

  2. Excellent Pictures!! Perfect capture of the back stage and the wonderful array of colors for the designs