a RoofTOP.Sunshine & a WATERfront stroll

Hey Lovers. 

Finally the weather in Halifax is starting to brighten up our lives.
I absolutely love Thursday nights! Most Thursdays my friends and I meet up to just let loose, catch up and have a bite (Thursday being wing night).  
Today was such a beautiful day and we managed to snag a table on the rooftop of my favorite wings spot.  After wings we took a walk to the waterfront for some ice cream. If you live in Halifax try the ice cream at Cows.   (but I'm pretty sure if you live in Halifax you have endured the long lines, at least once, and it was ALL worth it). I had a scoop each of  "Gooey Mooey" and "Wowie Cowie" *giggles at the names*

sidenote: Hi, My name is Mo and I'm a tad lactose intolerant but LOOOVEE ice cream. I would rather face the consequences later. #asyouwere

Hope you guys have had a lovely week so far. 
M to the O

p.s. YAY for brother being back from South Africa.


  1. LOVE Cows ice cream - so good! I had a new flavour a couple of weeks ago...gah can't remember what it was called but it was delicious

  2. we miss u too ruey.
    agrrreeeeddd kim!