For the LOVE of AcceSORIES

hey Lovers.

Wanted to introduce you guys to my girl Bee who is equally addicted to earrings.
She has a great blog and a lovely line of accessories. 
I sent her some questions to answer so we can get to know her better and here are her answers. 
Also there are some lovely pics of her line of accessories - Chic Therapy Accessories
p.s. all the color in this post makes me SOOOO giddy. #ilovesmesomecolorboy

1. Introduce Yourself: My name is Bee, born and bred in Nigeria, inhabiting in the US of A. Loves fashion, addicted to color. I can be found on my blog, www.chictherapyonline.blogspot.com.

2. what inspires you: I am generally inspired by people who despite all odds, confront the status quo e.g FelaKuti, Freedom riders, Nelson Mandela, Ken Saro Wiwa, Bob Marley … just to mention a few.. When it comes to fashion, I am inspired by color.

3. What made you start chic therapy accessories: I have always loved wearing colorful African inspired accessories and I decided to start making my own handmade pieces when it became difficult to get varieties that complimented my style. After a while, requests started coming from friends and acquaintances to buy my handmade pieces. Inspired by my love for vibrant colors and traditional African print fabric, I caved in, and voila! Chic Therapy Accessories.

4. Do you make the accessories yourself:  All accessories (with the exception of the woven ethnic bangles) are handmade with love and care by me.

5. Where can people buy your accessories: You can shop our products on our online store thechictherapy.bigcartel.com. You can also get up to date info about Chic Therapy via our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ChicTherapy. Our website www.thechictherapy.com is in the works and will be public soon.
6. What accessory can`t you live without: This is a tough one but I am going to go with earrings. I have an obsession for earrings and I am constantly buying and adding more to my collection.