My switch was OFF

Hey Lovers,

Trust that you have had an awesome day today.  
I on the other hand just had an OFF day. 
I mean who in the heck burns boiled eggs and microwave popcorn all in one day???!!?
(yes, I LOVE eggs... nom nom nom)
arrrggghhh.. what an OFF day. 
I just felt under the weather as I had this banging headache but somehow I built up the will power to catch up on the new show Necessary Roughness with Mehcad Brooks.
(and by build up the will power I mean no will power needed, the show had me at Mehcad Brooks)
for those ladies who are hearing about it first here, you are welcome! LOL

an off day means not much to blog about, however, I'm working on some things that I DESPERATELY need to succeed in pulling them off, so PLEASEEE send me some positive vibes and PRAYERS, I will do the same for you.  I will share more in due time. 

ssssankk youuu
much love
p.s. leaving u with a little inspiration I'm pulling from for what I'm hoping to wear tomorrow :)
a little Color Blocking perhaps ;)
[source: google images]


  1. I have burnt boiled eggs before, my friends still laugh about it till this day

  2. I can't wait to see your color blocked outfit.
    I'm praying for you dear, I'm sure you'll be successful in whatever you pursue.

  3. Laurenta we should just hide ourselves under a rock..LOL
    THANX GiftedAmy... new post coming right up!