D.I.Y - Giving Shoes the Fabric Treatment

Hey Lovers. 

So I have been DYIINNNGG to put some fabric on a pair of shoes I own and have finally done it. 
After I finished making my shoes I felt like I had won some kind of race because all the fabric shoes that came out this summer just couldn't fit me... #thesefeetdontlie
If you try this, please send me some pics of what you do
anyways here goes.

****UPDATE**** I have put a different fabric on these shoes.. see how they look now HERE

1. I opted to glue random pieces onto the shoe instead of creating a pattern for the actual shape of the shoe.
2. I wasn't concerned about fabric dipping onto the platform of the shoe *shrug*
3. have fun with it... it doesn't have to be PERFECT!

 I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEE my *NEW* shoes, I can't wait to rock em. *victory is mine* LOL


  1. Oh wow! That is awesome!

  2. You did a fantastic job! Loving it.

  3. haha! AMAZING
    i was actually telling my friend i was going to do this
    when i spotted some cute ones at Aldo, seeing yours i am motivated again
    off to get some glue :D

  4. ahh!! you did a really good job!! those are just too cute!!


  5. Omg why are you so amazing!! This is awesome Mo!

  6. thats so creative, can't wait to try it!

  7. And I bet it feels so much better to rock them when you know you created that yourself. Major props to you, lady! :)

  8. such a good idea! cannot wait to get mine done and i will be sure to show you!
    MsB x

  9. You're such a genius! Been thinking of this for ages. Will bookmark it. Such a lovely blog youn have. Found it via Pinterest. Hope to keep in touch :)!

    xoxo Gozika

  10. Could use some bling or chains right around the seams but otherwise, AWESOME!!! Going thrift store shopping tomorrow!!!

  11. Fantastic I am going to do it, too!

  12. Pls help out the type of glue you used..jst hv to do mine