Canada Day Weekend.

Hey Lovers. 

I trust that my gorgeous Canadian and American followers had an enjoyable long weekend. 
Mine was filled with loads of laughter and shenanigans with friends. 
Friday : I went to our local Multi-Cultural Festival then to a mini BBQ and finished off the night with some Canada Day fireworks.  It was hotter than the devil in a turtleneck that day but I took in all the heat I could seeing as though we haven't had much summer weather yet. 
Saturday: Me and my girls (Mana & Esiya) took a mini road trip and had some much needed Beach time then ended the night with a BBQ, drinks and lots of chatter.
Sunday: Momo needed a recovery day. Being in the sun for 2 days straight knocked me OUT. 

enjoy the pics. 


p.s. sorry i haven't blogged in like a week...I'm working on some new things, can't wait to share with everyone when I can.

Life's a Beach

the drive pretty much consisted of this beautiful scenery

 Multi-Cultural Fest


  1. You and your friends nails are so cute. Great colors. Glad you had a great Canada Day Weekend.

  2. amazing!!!!!
    My canada day weekend was so much fun too,
    that scenery is gorgeous!!!
    tell me what exactly happens at a multicultural fest X_X

  3. Not sure if my comments get posted. Nice pics.I will be moving to Canada soon,will like to hook up with u then.I was in calgary last Jan n it was so cold dat I cant believe it cld ever be hot in dat place lol


  4. thanx vivi.
    Laurenta its all about food, artifacts and performances from different countries. its awesome!!!
    yes fabuloucityjunkie.. all comments post automatically, they are not screened or anything. YAY.. which part are you moving to

  5. i am loving that top!!! loving the print OMG!! Now following :) FOllow back http://mythriftedcloset.blogspot.com/

  6. I will be moving to Calgary in January.