Creativity FILLED SaturdayS

Hey Lovers, 

I'm excited to have finally started doing some clutch culture photo shoots.
Enjoy the pics.


me and my model for the day, Kate M.
funny story : I was on the bus when I spotted Kate and her mane of hair.  I jumped off the bus on the next stop ran back and introduced myself.  I had such a GREAT day with her, we just clicked. #stalker..LOL

model: Kate M.
MUA/Styling/Photography: Mo H.


  1. Very colourful stuffs, u r an amazing blogger n very consistent.


  2. Ms Mo I am baaaaccckkkkkk please both jumpers and skirt if it is up for sale, I said it first o ehen :) we can skype sunday after church boooooyyahhhhhhh and the new collection killa woman killa :)

  3. I want all the items in this shoot. Yes, the clothes and the clutches. Thank you. Meanwhile, congratulations on the shoot and meeting your model randomly on the bus. Hahaha. But it worked out cause she did a great job.

  4. wow these clutches are fabulous, u r so talented, this is sick