Thrift.ED Gather.INGS with Michelle

Hey Lovers, 

So after MONTHS of asking my gorgeous cousin, Michelle, to contribute to Thrift.ED Gather.INGS she has FINALLY sent me some pics of outfits she has gotten from thrifting or OP shopping as she calls it.. 

So without taking up too much of this post, here goes 

Hi everybody!

I’m in Melbourne, Australia - the self proclaimed heart of Op-shopping! I’m def on that op-shop
crack and get that junkie itch if I don’t have a new thrifted love every so often!

I love being able to find something totally unique, and something you can really embrace your
personal style with! I was sick of wearing the same clothes as other people, and paying through my
nose for something I was only going to wear once, put in the wash and see it start to fray and 
colour fade.

I looove making a vintage piece ‘work’.  It`s a treasure hunt - using accessories to make an outfit
smaller when it’s too big or just not buttoning up the boobs to make an outfit that’s too small fit!
(although, the puppies need to come up for some fresh air too sometimes :D)

AND finally the thing I love most about OP-shopping, is that the money is going to a good cause,
everybody benefits! AND when somebody compliments my outfit, I can say,
“what? this old thing?....” and actually mean it!

Be blessed all!


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