Atlantic Fashion Week !!!!

Hey darlings

So today is day 1 of the Atlantic Fashion Week, I went for the Media Luncheon earlier. 
The Media Luncheon is pretty much a rundown of what to expect for the week, mingling of designers and members of the press that will be there during the runway shows.
This is what I wore to the luncheon, and also I`ve included a few pics that I managed to take.



p.s I am on the runway on Wednesday.. very excited about showing my new clutches. 
for those in Halifax, if you are interested in seeing the show click here for tickets and click here to check out the events for the rest of the week 

thrifted jeans, blazer, earrings - clutch culture purse - payless wedges - don`t remember where I got the top :(



  1. Yes! lovin' that blue on you.
    You look gr8
    Have fun.

  2. Waoh, I can't believe u get all these stuffs so cheap, like d earring 49cents*jealous*. I love ur blog. U always manage to come up wit sumtin diff yet all in line with fashion n style.