Purses.Music & Romance

Hey Lovers

Gotta a few things to share with you today.

1.  Clutches & Pouches. 

The website has FINALLY been restocked. 
click here to go directly to the store

2. Food to feed my musical hunger

3.  the BFF ... (if only she knew)... *looks away*

4. How to LOVE

Such a breath of fresh air. 
Brandyn Burnette's cover of Lil Wayne's How to Love. 
confession: I actually haven't heard Lil Wayne himself singing it..LOL

5. The Randomness. 

So lately I've been yearning for a little zhuzh in my life. 
I want to be WOOED. lololol.
I just want a guy to ask me to dinner, partake in some great conversation with me and make me laugh, maybe catch a band then walk me home.
I can't be the only one feeling this. 

you know.... 
I actually miss taking walks with a guy I fancy.  In the 11 years I've been in north america I don't think I've ever taken a walk with a guy...
Oh and another thing what ever happened to the good ole love letter. 
If by any chance my next guy is reading this, love letters and hand in hand walks are needed!!!
with that said
I'm officially enrolling myself into the reawakening of the romantic movement.. uhm movement.


  1. Aww I love that Lil Wayne cover. As for the re-stock, I need to get out of my student budget funk and grab me a fierce clutch this summer!!

  2. hahaha... we welcome you when you are ready :)

  3. Yes! I'm so feeling you in the romantizing department. You're not the only one feeling this way. Not at all. Can't wait to visit your online store. And lol @ Solange being your dreamland BFF. It happens.