AFW - Fashion Week Outfits

Here are the outfits I wore to the fashion week events, with the exception of the long black skirt. I wore that one to a Gala I was invited to for the Black Business Initiative. I had such an amazing time there. Met some great people with amazing stories.

p.s. the outfit where i'm wearing the blue skirt. The smaller pic is me freaking out because I realized that I wasn't wearing earrings.. this is QUITE the rarity people, the POPO had to be called in..lololol

Radio Interview Outfit

Day of my runway show outfit 
p.s. the full length pic I had to jack from my darling Danna of Youlookfiiiine

Fashionista Mingle event outfit

2nd day of Runway Shows Outfit

Black Business Initiative Gala Outfit

1. interesting lil blurb about the necklace. It's GORGEOUS gold elephants surrounding my neck, however it's actually a belt i thrifted for 6 bucks, which was WAY too small for my waist but it was IMPERATIVE that I owned it.  Oh and I also discovered a new head wrapping technique..LOL
2. you might remember the black skirt as a black dress from the pic below.. the curves were spilling out, obviously, as the dress is a Medium,  when i "attempted" to fit this dress on them, so I pulled it down to make a skirt and voila!


  1. what size is the H& M top, as always FAB-U-LOUS

  2. LOVE your outfits!! Especially your Gala outfit, you look gorgeous! :D

  3. Nice post. You have such a knack for creativity. Great outfits.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that red blazer with the blue pants!!! that is my favorite!!! you are soooo stylish. im so glad i found you!