Creativity FILLED SaturdayS

Hello Lovers. 
Hope you've had an awesome Saturday so far.
My friend and I met up today to play around with some makeup and just be creative.
I love that she trusts me and lets me do whatever I want. (love u Mana)
Check a few pics of what we achieved and some candids. LOL.

love and daisies 
curvy geek

playing around with some colors.

 and down to business :) 
(remember the beads that were left over from the white beads on caramel D.I.Y, yyuupp this is some of them)

all work and no play is ...is... well is just silly


  1. Love the blue lipstick on the bottom lip! Want to try that this summer.

  2. oooooo send me a pic when u try it babe..!!!