Chichia by Christine Mhando

Hey Lovers
Earlier on I got a WONDERFUL email from Christine Mhando.  She is one of my favorite african designers. 
Now the fact that I saw Chichia in the sender tab had just made my day before I even read the email.
You see, I have been a faithful stalker of her website for a while now. #proudstalkermoment
The email was simple, an invite to check out a photo shoot for the latest collection.
I was completely overjoyed.
So I wrote her back twice. The first one was just pure excitement and the second was when I had gathered my thoughts. LOL.
I am SO happy to share this with you lovers. 
Here is what Christine had to say about her muse for the collection and a little bit about the brand Chichia.

How the muse was found.

"Sometime at the end of last year we held a competition on our facebook fanpage looking for Chichia's next muse.(I wanted to find a real person that inspires me as opposed to a famous name, and I thought I'd start with Chichia fans). Amina's entry stood out to me as she seemed like a well-rounded, confident young woman who was comfortable with who she was. We have since become good friends and she still continues to inspire me. Her write-up on her blog sums up our journey pretty well so check that out. "

I had a chance to check out the blog and immediately loved it. Check out Amina's blog

Sizes and Stockists

"The pieces from this range are more on a made to order basis so customers can contact us directly, aside from the maxi dress which will be available exclusively at www.agnesandlola.com plus a couple of other pieces which are from past collections."

YAY for made to order!!!!

The Collection

LOVE LOVE LOOOVEEE that Amina is a curvy girl. She is GORGEOUS!!
I think the maxi dress, the blazer and the shorts have my name on them!!!
Sending you positivity in all you do Christine!! <3
check out the Chichia website here

adding a few of my favorites from past collections

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