PurPLE ORanges

1. Yes, I'm back from my "me day" and I had a great time. Love was in the air for sure. Loved people watching, capturing the stolen moments and plenty guys walking around with flowers...aahhh love... such a beautiful thing it is.  Hope you guys had an awesome day!

2. Gosh, is it summer yet?? I think I'm done with the winter.. I'm DYING for some summer photo shoots. However, it is good that I'm not doing too many shoots this winter because I've managed to do other things. Over the next few weeks I will be working on my spring/summer collection for my clutches.  I'm kinda excited about them and I hope the motivation behind this collection will help me create some good stuff.

3. Check out a shoot I did last fall with my girl Mana. If you are interested in the clutch, you can check it out here

geeky love dahhhlings!


  1. I Love the purse. Do you create them yourself or do you have someone make them for you.

  2. Glad you love the purse :) .. I make them myself!