Channelling Ms Ross

I know most of you have already seen this photo shoot I did last summer.  This is one of my favorite ones from last year and I came across one of the pictures this morning and fell in love with it all over again.

1. This Pink Vin.Tage Jumpsuit nearly killed me when I saw it, I just HAD to have it!!!!
2. You really can't go wrong with that Diana Ross inspired hair!
3. The purse, fittingly named Is it Spring yet?! can be found on my website here

Happy Tuesday Dahhhlings!

model: Mana G.
makeup/styling/photography: Mo Handahu


  1. Mo you still have not spilled where u get ur vintage stuff in halifax and u know i am a vintage junkie now I want this pink jumper , I am ready to pay $$$ for it. If I come to Hali in March for African Nite would you take me vintage shopping?

  2. hello dahhling... I would be DELIGHTED to...
    and about you wanting the pink jumper... uhmm no habla ingles..LOL

  3. amazing shoot..you done done it again..great work.