The Palazzo

Now, I don't know about you guys, but the 90's, for me, were made up of some crazy fashion items.  From doc martens to waist coats, from palazzos to neon colored heels, from hideous floral shorts to leotardy bodysuits with the snaps in unseen places.  God, how I wish I had some of those pictures right now to share with you, despite how extremely embarrassed I would be.

Back then I just wore those pieces without really knowing how to co-ordinate them.  Thankfully, God has given me another chance with an item on my list. (YES, God knows about fashion trends! )..LOL.
Ladies (and the few gentlemen who have mentioned they check out my blog very regularly *wink*) the PALAZZO is back!  and dare I say that I am VERY excited about this.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this item will fit into my closet.  I've already seen a pair at Asos.com for us curvy girls.  Can't wait to see what other curvy stores bring out!

The 90s are back babyyyy!!!

geeky amour

p.s. here is some great info I found at www.fashionising.com on how to rock the wide leg pant and who should rock em

How to wear wide leg pants

  • With heels. Flats will simply never complete the look as well as heels will; the exception is if you're carrying off a very masculine look with man-style flats.
  • With a slim-fitting top to balance out the volume on the bottom half. A soft, billowing blouse can also work well but is best broken up with a waist-cinching belt.
  • With utter 70s glamor: wide-leg trouser, platforms and a big floppy hat.
  • Female dandy style - look to vintage icons like Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich for inspiration.
  • With 40s pin-up girl flair, by pairing some wide-legged sailor pants with nautical stripes and espadrilles.

    A final, mandatory note about wide-legs, be they jeans, trousers or a draping palazzo: all of these styles work best of taller frames. If you're short in the legs try a pair of skinny cropped pants or ones with a subtle flare paired with heels.
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from Carolina Herrera's SS2011 Collection (fab!!!!!)


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