the Curvy Geek vs Lip Color

*** UPdated***
So I have been dying to do this post for the longest time.  A great lip color brings me joy and I wanted to show you some of my favorite colors and to try something fun just for the S's and G's.
enjoy mi amores

Wet n Wild 552A

M.A.C - rebel

purple eye shadow over M.A.C rebel :) 

bronzer over clear lipgloss :)

shade in one of those make up sets *shrug*

M.A.C diva

shade in one of those make up sets *shrug*

AND FOR THE other FUN PART!!!!...
inspired by ...

and voila....

Blue Eyeshadow of clear lipgloss + Wet n Wild 552A

speaking of hearts... Is anyone as excited as I am for Valentine's Day????. It's like my most favorite commercially exploited holiday..HA!


  1. you pulled off the heart really well.....me likey....I need a red lipstick for my skin tone...still haven't found it....

  2. Just go to M.A.C and let them try a whole bunch on you till you are satisfied :)

  3. It's crazy how you look awesome in all these shades!!!!

  4. what colors/brands are the lipsticks? :-)

  5. post has been updated with color and brands...

  6. I think I could pull of bronzer over clear lip gloss. Love the looks overall.