MagicALLY Cool MuSe(ic) Monday.

This week's Muse is Solange.  Her album Sol'Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams was filled with heaps of  awesomeness.  I love all the music on that album but my favorites being
1. T.O.N.Y ...such a dope song and the way the lyrics just flowed was butter.
2. Cosmic Journey feat. Bilal was such an exciting flow, made me feel like I was running in a field of daisies.
3. This Bird... harmonies were yummy.. the song was empowering. "imma keep on rolling"
4. Champagnechroniknight-Cap ... should I say more? ;)

I salute you, Solange, for being a muse to me:)

Dear Solange
It's about time dammit! eagerly awaiting the new album.
signed, Your biggest fan

Check out some vids below.

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