The Birdy CLUtch

I did a shoot a few months back in the fall.  It was such a chilly day and the sun couldn't make up its mind on whether it wanted to show up or not.  My girl Mana and I got together to do a shoot and I invited a good friend of mine, Monty, who is dabbling in photography as well, for a creative day.
We had a ball, the day was filled with huge goosebumps, wind enslaved hair, gorgeous skies and plenty laughs. While editing the pics I decided to go with an oldish but still colorful effect by giving the background a boost of yellow.. Perhaps I'm just yearning for summer to get here already. Gosh, the last two days have been brutally cold.  Hope you enjoy these pics as much as I do :) 

Model - Mana G.
Makeup/Styling/Photography - Mo Handahu
Photography - Montwedi Sebina (Omari Photography)


Here is a closer look of the clutch used in this shoot. If you are interested in getting it, click here to be directed to the store.


  1. Yeah, so I love this post and also love this blog. AND I wish I could afford that clutch but cashpoints all over the country start laughing when I approach them. *sigh*


  2. Great work. This shoot is so full of vibrancy.

    Great purse!

  3. @miss behaviour...so jokey..HAHAHA... thanx for the love

    @meg ... thank you my darling!