Photography: Ele.Vator Vani.ty & Distre.ss

So one of the little things that I have picked up is photography.  I mostly have done stuff for my Clutch Culture website because for some reason I haven't gotten past the nerves and pressure of doing pics for other people.  In the new year though, I do hope to take up more projects for other people and build on my craft.

I did, however, do a shoot a few weeks ago with a gorgeous Ugandan girl, Erina, who is a model for STRUT Model Agency.  She is just starting off and I've been blessed to see her journey so far.  From the first time I met her to now, there is so much progress and a growing desire to learn.  Her Agency and I decided it would be fun to do a relaxed shoot, to create rapport and share some of the things I have learned from being around fashionable people.  I'm far from being a professional but I love the industry and anything that I can do to help someone I will do. 

I did 2 shoots with her.  The first named Distress which was just to get some emotion out of her and the second named Elevator Vanity which was just to get her to move and attempt different poses.  I also did the makeup and the styling and had fun doing it all.  


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