The earrings addict?

Can a girl really ever have too many earrings? It's funny, because when I look back to when I was 18 or 19 I didn't want to have anything to do with earrings.  I got my ears pierced on a whim really, my mom's older sister rebelled against my mom and took me to get my ears pierced when I was 10.  I probably wore earrings for a month and just gave up on it until I was 20.  I guess I went through a 10 year span of my tomboyish ways, thankfully, a budding fashion lover started exploring accessories. 

For the longest time I was hooked on big earrings, the bigger the better I felt.  Then when I finally started embracing my creative side I wanted to be different, I wanted to stand out and show that I was brave enough to do so. I started to gravitate towards the rare pieces and I have seriously grown an extensive collection of intriguing earrings, a good chunk from thrifting and the rest from vintage stores.  When I really think of when the bulk of my collection was acquired, the time frame is in line with when I went natural and freed myself from the creamy crack.  Having my hair natural just made me more aware of my whole face as opposed to just my hair.  You could say I felt like since I was natural I had to up my earring game because my ears weren't being covered my long weaves or braids. 

The incomparable feeling of finding a rare pair of earrings is such a fashion high for me.  I start to think of the outfits that I would wear, to the thoughts of how I would wear my hair and to what other accessories I would pair the earrings with.  I find myself studying the earrings, from looking for details that I might have missed to wondering who wore them before me (who she is/was, her style, her beliefs and why she gave up such a gorgeous pair of earrings).  Even though I wonder what could have driven the previous owner from letting them go, I'm thankful that I'm continuing these earrings' journey. 

A toast:  "To my star trek earrings, for giving me a double dose of confidence, nothing can go wrong when I have you on. - live long and prosper <-- geeky moment  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
enjoy some pics of some of my collection

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  1. Welcome Mo!
    Hello... My name is Cat, I am also an earring addict

  2. *all together now* "Welcome Cat"...LOLOL..
    we are all here for you :)

  3. my name is Shyne and this is my first meeting :)

  4. Hello Shyne - We are here for you.. xo