Thrifted Gatherings

Hello Lover, 

Just thought I would share some thrift store finds. 
Amount spent = $25
1. gorgeous oversized purse with an amazing wooden handle. I am tempted to keep the handles and use different fabric, however, for now it will stay as is. 

2. multi color geometric shaped top. 

3. lightweight jacket with an eye catching 90s print. It reminded me of my friend Helena when she rocked something similar to a fashion show we went to together. HERE

4. pleated, sleeveless yellow dress. So excited to wear this before the summer ends AND before I start throwing layers on it for the fall and winter.

5. another multi colored top. This one has such fun buttons and print.

6. gorgeous oversized scarf. This will be great for turbans and layering for the chilly months. 

7. burgundy-ish mens shoes. These are perfect for my low profile days. 

Happy with my haul, now to give them a good clean & dream of how I am gonna be styling these pieces up! 


p.s. Just reached 300 Followers on the blog.. say whaaatt!!! thanks lovers!!! stay tuned for a worldwide giveaway to celebrate YOU!


  1. Love that yellow dress and you just gave me an idea from seeing those shoes. One more to be looking out for next time I'm thrifting which will be tomorrow. lol.


    1. send me a pic when the idea is realized!

    2. Hey I found some black ones very similar to these the very next day after this post. What luck!!! I'm style challenged but I think I'll still be able to come up with something.

    3. very nice!!! mine ended up being evil..HAHAHA... they hurt my big toe :(

  2. Fantastic finds! Beautiful prints!

  3. Love that yellow dress :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog!! You have amazing style. I'm a new thrifter so it inspires me to see other women who enjoy thrifting and are actually good at it. Great finds!