Vince Camuto


I have been DYING to share this news with you.
A few weeks ago I got news that I had been selected for the Vince Camuto Step Up and Style Contest in preparation of Vince Camuto launching in Canada in the fall! 
So I had to create a look inspired by the pair of Vince Camuto shoes that were sent to me. 
The looks from the selected contestants are now on the VC Facebook Page
I would be SO grateful if you'd go to the page and like my photo so I can win win win!!!
Since I couldn't fit the shoes I had one of my best girls, Mana, model for me and my bestie Shariena did the make-up for me. A big THANK YOU to both of them!


click HERE to vote for me!!!! thank you in advance!!

clothes and earrings : THRIFTED
rings: THE BAY

and just because... <3


  1. Mo I need that blazer asap is it available for grabs? Thank God VC is launching in Canada, God knows he makes fabulous shoes and I have too many they fit like a dream :) serious about the blazer merci

    1. I called dibs on the blazer and the gold shirt which I can rock in a few months lol

  2. I was looking at their fall ad in glamour and I can totally see this look in there. if u don't win I will never buy a pr of VC shoes again.... ok that might be a stretch cus the shoes r awesome lol

  3. @shyne darn I have the gold top actually mine is a little different it looks like animal print, I think I featured it on here too
    picked it up at value village but that blazer lady you take half and I take half? I swear I dreamt about it - black fitted pencil skirt
    white silk shirt , the blazer and wicked pumps the Aldo Filson darn (the shoes run small though too sad) but still goodness got to have it

    @Mo you need to do a blazer haul and show pix of blazers you want to get rid off I need more blazers more more more :)

    1. lol OK u can have it. With all the planning and stuff you did. lol