What to wear to dinner with Pooch?

Hello Lover, 

YES, I am talking about Pooch Hall aka Derwin Davis from BET's The Game.
Never thought I'd be asking myself the question of what I would wear to dinner with Pooch.
For some reason the first thing that came to mind was polka dots and that is what I wore.
Pooch was in the city to host a party spearheaded by Legacy Entertainment to raise funds for Barry House, which provides emergency shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness. 
Before the party, a couple of us went to dinner at Moda, a very chic restaurant in the city.  Pooch walked into the restaurant all Derwinesque.
We shook hands. I said, "Hi, my name is Mo". He said, "Nice to meet you Mo, my name is Pooch" . We hugged then he proceeded to effortlessly introduce himself to everyone else.  He took his seat next to me and ordered the halibut and requested more greens on his plate as he prepares for a shoot for a men's health magazine which I will be keeping an eye out for.  There were 10 of us who ate, talked and laughed as stories were shared around the table. His stories were attention grabbing, he was funny and most charmingly remembered everyone's name and made everyone a part of his tales.  Not only was he goofy, he was such a gentleman and also showed depth.  I remember him sharing about his own desires of stepping out of his comfort zone and challenging himself to be a versatile actor.  I look forward to seeing him in his next project Showtime's Ray Donovan.  Later on in the evening Pooch Hosted the party and boy! it was one heck of night with all proceeds going to Barry House.  
This is my second year being a part of this amazing cause and I look forward to supporting it in any way I can in the future. The empowerment of girls and women that I come into contact with is something that I hold dear to my heart!

check Pooch taking a pic of us :) 



  1. Love it! Go Mo!!

  2. jealous.com ok ok why share this pix han Mo why why why ***pifffff*** whatever yes I drank a huge glass of haterade this morning :P

  3. Girl you seem to have a fun and interesting life! lol Love your blog :-)

  4. JEALOUS!! Glad you got to meet my boo Pooch lol

  5. LOLOL... you ladies are hilarious!
    thanx maisha!

  6. Girl! You met Pooch? I would have died! I love him! Great choice with the polka dots, you lived my dream right there! Wow!

  7. ok lucky you would be a complete understatement lol


  8. OMG!!I love Derwin/Pooch, how lucky that you not only met him but got to actually chat with him. Liking the new hair as well :)

  9. i lived the dream for all of us..lolol..
    thanx tomi :)