rare minimalism

Hello Lover, 

My outfit today had very minimal color; this seldom happens.
I thrifted this cape(?) a while ago and I LOVE the shape and the placement of the three tones on it! 
Please excuse me as I didn't have anyone to take full outfit pics of me.
Check out the outfit !


shoes, jeans, cape, earrings, necklace - THRIFTED
ring - THE BAY 


  1. OMG! I tried that cape on at Valouie Valleur! (are we related?!?!)
    It looks wayyyyy better on you <3

  2. Love that cape, great outfit!

  3. sigh Mo you need to accessory shop for me please I'll pay I need the necklace you have on and I know its one of a kind so please help when you go thrift hunting hunt for me merci lover. I love it as usual please can you also list your lipstick as part of your OOTD and FOTD (face of the day)
    I love lipsticks I have to many but wear them all. lol

    love u boo

  4. @megs AHAHHAHAHA I've been trying to tell you this.. we are family..lol.. thanx lover!

    @semicosmic... me too! thanx babe

    @ms zee... will email you my girl.. and yes i will add the lipstick! anything for you!

  5. you are so cute! love those shoes and that cape is definitely a winner!