My new addiction

Hello Lover, 

I've always been the one that says "I never win anything!" ... until now.. 
In the last 4 days I have won 2 things. First I won a gym membership for the whole summer (now I have no excuse to not work out HA!) and then yesterday I won a Blackberry Playbook! I'm a ticket holder for an event I'm going to this Saturday which made me eligible to win.  After getting it delivered to me I couldn't put it down, it's safe to say I am addicted to it now. 
A big thank you to Dream Entertainment for the tech and I can't wait to dance my butt off on Saturday at the event you are hosting! 
Check me and my new gadget out! 
Sending all positive vibes happening to me to you!


1 comment:

  1. That's great. Congrats. Yea Imma need me some of those positive vibes to help me win some stuff in all these contests I'm entering.