Hello Lover, 

A little while ago I got an email from my friend Sarah, who owns I Heart Bikes.
She invited me to take part in a 2 hr VIP bike tour of Halifax to help give her tour guides practice to prepare for the tours she is adding to her business.  After a few emails expressing how much of a punk I was I finally agreed to do it.
For those that are not in Halifax, this place is SUPER hilly. I had moments when I was sure the good Lord was calling me home but I was really set on doing the whole 2 hours! HA!
All in all it was a good ride, I am proof that even if you are unfit and haven't been on a bicycle in a while, it's still doable. The tour guides were SUPER nice, knew their Halifax trivia and aren't in any rush if you need to take a breather.  One of my main fears was being on the same road with the cars and buses but it's safe to say that Halifax drivers are pretty aware of the need to share the road with cyclists!
check out I Heart Bikes to take the tours or a simple rental to go on your own adventure!


p.s. EVERYTHING hurts! 


  1. How is your body feeling after that? Lol

  2. I love their bikes - they are adorable! I hear you about being nervous about biking - I was on one for the first time in like 15 yrs last summer and it took a while to get the hang of it again. I agree you don't have to be super fit or athletic to do it - it's fun for all fitness levels. PS: I love your collages, they are always so fun!)